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Cent heures de solitude
Author: Gaelle Cavalie
Publisher: Paulsen - Guerin
ISBN: 2352212456
Pages: 85
Year: 2017-05-18
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Une jeune alpiniste raconte quatre jours et quatre nuits d'une aventure solitaire devenue lutte pour sa survie. Gaëlle Cavalié, née au pied du mont Blanc, a été gagnée très jeune par la passion de l'alpinisme. Une passion partagée avec des amis, qui la conduit au pied d'un nouveau défi : une ascension solitaire qui l'attire autant qu'elle l'angoisse. Le 12 mai 2013, alors âgée de 21 ans, elle part seule pour l'aiguille Verte, sommet emblématique du massif du Mont-Blanc. Le 17 mai, le temps s'est couvert. Le peloton de gendarmerie de haute montagne lance un appel à témoin suite à la disparition inquiétante d'une jeune alpiniste dans le massif. Le lendemain, la jeune femme est sauvée in extremis. Repérée par l'hélicoptère des secours, elle est hélitreuillée, à bout de forces et en hypothermie. Elle vient de passer quatre jours et quatre nuits à 4 000 mètres d'altitude, blottie dans un trou de neige tout près du sommet. Gaëlle Cavalié a mis plusieurs années à oser revivre par l'écriture ces heures où s'est jouée sa disparition, puis sa survie. Elle le fait avec une totale sincérité, démontrant heure après heure la mécanique du piège qui s'est refermée sur elle, explorant sans tricher ses ressorts intimes : l'ambition qui l'a guidée et l'angoisse qu'elle a vécue.
One Hundred Years of Solitude
Author: Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 0060531045
Pages: 432
Year: 2003-06-24
View: 234
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One of the 20th century's enduring works, One Hundred Years of Solitude is a widely beloved and acclaimed novel known throughout the world, and the ultimate achievement in a Nobel Prize–winning career. The novel tells the story of the rise and fall of the mythical town of Macondo through the history of the Buendía family. It is a rich and brilliant chronicle of life and death, and the tragicomedy of humankind. In the noble, ridiculous, beautiful, and tawdry story of the Buendía family, one sees all of humanity, just as in the history, myths, growth, and decay of Macondo, one sees all of Latin America. Love and lust, war and revolution, riches and poverty, youth and senility -- the variety of life, the endlessness of death, the search for peace and truth -- these universal themes dominate the novel. Whether he is describing an affair of passion or the voracity of capitalism and the corruption of government, Gabriel García Márquez always writes with the simplicity, ease, and purity that are the mark of a master. Alternately reverential and comical, One Hundred Years of Solitude weaves the political, personal, and spiritual to bring a new consciousness to storytelling. Translated into dozens of languages, this stunning work is no less than an accounting of the history of the human race.
Conquistadors of the Useless
Author: Lionel Terray
Publisher: Mountaineers Books
ISBN: 1680510843
Pages: 372
Year: 2008-09-16
View: 535
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"If my library was to somehow catch fire and I could only save one book, the long out of print Conquistadors of the Useless, by Lionel Terray, would be it." -- Explore magazine "The finest mountaineering narrative ever written." -- David Roberts, author of Mountain of My Fear * One of National Geographic Adventure's "100 Greatest Adventure Books of All Time" * The story of ground-breaking climbs told with insight and wit * A mountaineering classic brought back into print Frenchman Lionel Terray is one of mountaineering history's greatest alpinists, and his autobiography, Conquistadors of the Useless, stands among the "100 Greatest Adventure Books of All Time", according to National Geographic Adventure magazine. Following World War II, when France desperately needed successes to heal its wounds, Terray emerged as a national hero, conquering summits atop the planet's highest mountains. This biography of Lionel Terry is filled with first-time feats and acts of bravery in the face of unspeakable odds. He climbed with legends such as Maurice Herzog, Gaston Rebuffat, and Louis Lachenal. He made first ascents in the Alps, Alaska, the Andes, and the Himalaya. Terray's gripping story captures the energy of an optimistic world shaking off the restraints of war and austerity. It's a mountaineering classic.
The Mountains of My Life
Author: Walter Bonatti
Publisher: Random House Digital, Inc.
ISBN: 037575640X
Pages: 442
Year: 2001
View: 208
Read: 953
The legendary mountaineer describes his adventures in such ranges as the Alps and Himalayas, and provides details of what really happened during a controversial 1954 Italian expedition that made the first ascent of K2.
The Beckoning Silence
Author: Joe Simpson
Publisher: BookBaby
ISBN: 095751932X
Pages: 330
Year: 2013-10-14
View: 936
Read: 1202
Joe Simpson has experienced a life filled with adventure but marred by death. He has endured the painful attrition of climbing friends in accidents, calling into question the perilously exhilarating activity to which he has devoted his life. Probability is inexorably closing in. The tragic loss of a close friend forces a momentous decision upon him. It is time to turn his back on the mountains that he has loved. Never more alive than when most at risk, he has come to see a last climb on the hooded, mile-high North Face of the Eiger as the cathartic finale. In a narrative which takes the reader through extreme experiences, from an avalanche in Bolivia, ice-climbing in the Alps and Colorado and paragliding in Spain - before his final confrontation with the Eiger - Simpson reveals the inner truth of climbing, exploring both the power of the mind and the frailties of the body. The subject of his new book is the siren song of fear and his struggle to come to terms with it.
The General in His Labyrinth
Author: Gabriel García Márquez
Publisher: Vintage
ISBN: 1101911123
Pages: 304
Year: 2014-10-15
View: 637
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AVAILABLE FOR THE FIRST TIME IN eBOOK! General Simon Bolivar, “the Liberator” of five South American countries, takes a last melancholy journey down the Magdalena River, revisiting cities along its shores, and reliving the triumphs, passions, and betrayals of his life. Infinitely charming, prodigiously successful in love, war and politics, he still dances with such enthusiasm and skill that his witnesses cannot believe he is ill. Aflame with memories of the power that he commanded and the dream of continental unity that eluded him, he is a moving exemplar of how much can be won—and lost—in a life.
Le quart d'heure de solitude
Pages: 216
Year: 1865
View: 165
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Heures de Solitude, fantaisies poétiques
Author: Anatole LEROY-BEAULIEU
Pages: 327
Year: 1865
View: 1174
Read: 366

The End of Books
Author: Octave Uzanne
Publisher: Octave Uzanne
ISBN: 8892564471
Year: 2016-03-08
View: 975
Read: 1214
Octave Uzanne (14 September 1851 – 31 October 1931) was a 19th-century French bibliophile, writer, publisher, and journalist.He is noted for his literary research on the authors of the 18th century. He published many previously unpublished works by authors including Paradis Moncrif, Benserade, Caylus, Besenval, the Marquis de Sade and Baudelaire. He founded the Société des Bibliophiles Contemporaines, of which he was president. In the 'The End of Books' Octave Uzanne brilliantly anticipated the invention of the Walkman and anticipated the modern form of the 'demise of books argument' by a century.
Quelques heures de solitude
Author: Mathilde Froment
Pages: 292
Year: 1870
View: 1329
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A Month in the Country
Author: J.L. Carr
Publisher: New York Review of Books
ISBN: 1590176839
Pages: 160
Year: 2012-08-29
View: 1224
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In J. L. Carr’s deeply charged poetic novel, Tom Birkin, a veteran of the Great War and a broken marriage, arrives in the remote Yorkshire village of Oxgodby where he is to restore a recently discovered medieval mural in the local church. Living in the bell tower, surrounded by the resplendent countryside of high summer, and laboring each day to uncover an anonymous painter’s depiction of the apocalypse, Birkin finds that he himself has been restored to a new, and hopeful, attachment to life. But summer ends, and with the work done, Birkin must leave. Now, long after, as he reflects on the passage of time and the power of art, he finds in his memories some consolation for all that has been lost.
The Man Who Spoke Snakish
Author: Andrus Kivirähk
Publisher: Grove/Atlantic, Inc.
ISBN: 0802190952
Pages: 400
Year: 2015-11-03
View: 1122
Read: 883
A bestseller in the author’s native country of Estonia, where the book is so well known that a popular board game has been created based on it, The Man Who Spoke Snakish is the imaginative and moving story of a boy who is tasked with preserving ancient traditions in the face of modernity. Set in a fantastical version of medieval Estonia, The Man Who Spoke Snakish follows a young boy, Leemet, who lives with his hunter-gatherer family in the forest and is the last speaker of the ancient tongue of snakish, a language that allows its speakers to command all animals. But the forest is gradually emptying as more and more people leave to settle in villages, where they break their backs tilling the land to grow wheat for their “bread” (which Leemet has been told tastes horrible) and where they pray to a god very different from the spirits worshipped in the forest’s sacred grove. With lothario bears who wordlessly seduce women, a giant louse with a penchant for swimming, a legendary flying frog, and a young charismatic viper named Ints, The Man Who Spoke Snakish is a totally inventive novel for readers of David Mitchell, Sjón, and Terry Pratchett.
Livre Des Sans-foyer
Author: Edith Wharton
Publisher: NEw York, C. Scribner
Pages: 154
Year: 1916
View: 674
Read: 1078

English Book Collectors
Author: William Younger Fletcher, Walter Stanley Graves
Pages: 448
Year: 1902
View: 643
Read: 1309

Bonjour Tristesse
Author: Francoise Sagan
Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 0061440795
Pages: 160
Year: 2008-06-17
View: 1185
Read: 282
Endearing, self-absorbed, seventeen-year-old Cécile is the very essence of untroubled amorality. Freed from the stifling constraints of boarding school, she joins her father—a handsome, still-young widower with a wandering eye—for a carefree, two-month summer vacation in a beautiful villa outside of Paris with his latest mistress, Elsa. Cécile cherishes the free-spirited moments she and her father share, while plotting her own sexual adventures with a "tall and almost beautiful" law student. But the arrival of her late mother's best friend, Anne, intrudes upon a young girl's pleasures. And when a relationship begins to develop between the adults, Cécile and her lover set in motion a plan to keep them apart...with tragic, unexpected consequences. The internationally beloved story of a precocious teenager's attempts to understand and control the world around her, Françoise Sagan's Bonjour Tristesse is a beautifully composed, wonderfully ambiguous celebration of sexual liberation, at once sympathetic and powerfully unsparing.