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Composite Materials
Author: Jean-Marie Berthelot
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 1461268036
Pages: 646
Year: 2013-02-06
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Mechanical engineering, an engineering discipline borne of the needs of the in dustrial revolution, is once again asked to do its substantial share in the call for industrial renewal. The general call is urgent as we face profound issues of produc tivity and competitiveness that require engineering solutions, among others. The Mechanical Engineering Series features graduate texts and research monographs intended to address the need for information in contemporary areas of mechanical engineering. The series is conceived as a comprehensive one that covers a broad range of concentrations important to mechanical engineering graduate education and re search. We are fortunate to have a distinguished roster of consulting editors on the advisory board, each an expert in one of the areas of concentration. The names of the consulting editors are listed on the next page of this volume. The areas of concentration are applied mechanics, biomechanics, computational mechan ics, dynamic systems and control, energetics, mechanics of materials, processing, thermal science, and tribology.
Foundations of Molecular Structure Determination
Author: Simon Duckett, Bruce Gilbert, Martin Cockett
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
ISBN: 019968944X
Pages: 165
Year: 2015-05-01
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The renowned Oxford Chemistry Primer series, which provides focused introductions to a range of important topics in chemistry, has been refreshed and updated to suit the needs of today's students, lecturers, and postgraduate researchers. The rigorous, yet accessible, treatment of each subject area is ideal for those wanting a primer in a given topic to prepare them for more advanced study or research. Moreover, cutting-edge examples and applications throughout thetexts show the relevance of the chemistry being described to current research and industry. Foundations of Molecular Structure Determination covers a range of commonspectroscopic and diffraction methods alongside frequent worked examples and problem questions to assist beginning undergraduates in developing their skills in structure analysis.
Physics, Study Guide
Author: Joseph W. Kane, Morton M. Sternheim
Publisher: Wiley
ISBN: 0471852201
Pages: 336
Year: 1988-05-10
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This Third Edition of the popular introduction to physics provides an accessible treatment of the subject appropriate to students from a variety of backgrounds. Presents new material based on recent developments, and includes over 50 new examples and nearly 300 new exercises and problems. Sections covering difficult topics have been rewritten for greater clarity. Includes many examples from the life sciences, chemical systems, and alternative energy sources. To illustrate physics in action, entire chapters are devoted to applications such as nerve conduction, ionizing radiation, and nuclear magnetic resonance. Text is comprehensive and flexible enough to accommodate various non-major students. Each chapter contains a checklist of terms, examples, exercises, and problems.
Livres hebdo
Year: 2002
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Einstein 1905
Author: John S RIGDEN
Publisher: Harvard University Press
ISBN: 0674042751
Pages: 192
Year: 2009-06-30
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For Einstein, 1905 was a remarkable year. It was also a miraculous year for the history and future of science. In six short months, he published five papers that would transform our understanding of nature. This unparalleled period is the subject of Rigden's book, which deftly explains what distinguishes 1905 from all other years in the annals of science, and elevates Einstein above all other scientists of the twentieth century.
Les Livres disponibles
Year: 2003
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La liste exhaustive des ouvrages disponibles publiés en langue française dans le monde. La liste des éditeurs et la liste des collections de langue française.