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Imaginaerum - Racconti Oscuri
Author: Alexander Land
Publisher: Alexander Land
ISBN: 6050300682
Year: 2014-04-11
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Una raccolta di racconti definiti 'oscuri' per l'eterno intrecciarsi tra bene e male, la loro eterna lotta per la supremazia. Dando spazio alla fantasia di correre tra demoni e angeli, tra negozi di giocattoli che si animano fino al traghettatore della anime senza tralasciare fantasmi e presenze demoniache. La spontaneità e la semplicità con cui Alexander scrive i suoi racconti fa si che chiunque li legga si appassioni alle storie e si immedesimi nelle situazioni e nei personaggi stessi; le narrazioni di fantasia si incastrano alla perfezione con la realtà a tal punto che spesso è difficile farne la scissione. Gli scritti non mancano di colpi di scena, sono ricchi di emozioni e sanno suscitare un vivo interesse nel lettore che viene avvolto da un alone di mistero che li circonda e, senza rendersene conto, si ritrova alla fine di ogni storia con la voglia di iniziarne subito una nuova. I contenuti non sono mai cruenti o volgari, sono alla portata di tutti, anche di chi è reticente nella lettura di storie horror. Le descrizioni degli ambienti e dei protagonisti sono fatte con cura e con particolare attenzione a tal punto che sembra che l’autore sia egli stesso il vero protagonista del racconto. La parte che colpisce maggiormente durante la lettura è la delicatezza con cui viene affrontato ogni genere di situazione, sia che si tratti di un pupazzo maligno oppure che sia la perdita di un amore. Ed è così, attraverso parole che raccontano immagini di fantasia che si apre un nuovo modo di vedere la scrittura horror intrecciata con il nuovo genere urban fantasy. Non sono racconti scritti con l’inchiostro, ma con l'anima.
Author: Alexander Land
ISBN: 8891096547
Pages: 234
Year: 2015
View: 745
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The Memory of Odin
Author: Jason R. Forbus
Publisher: Ali Ribelli Edizioni
ISBN: 8833460983
Pages: 68
Year: 2018-04-25
View: 1015
Read: 763
It is the third and final year of Fimbulvetr, the long and cold winter that precedes the end of the Nine Worlds. Midgard lies asleep under a thick layer of ice and snow. The city of men have fallen prey to ravenous wolf packs and bloodthirsty marauders. Gods, trolls and giants ready their weapons and magics for the last battle between Order and Chaos. All prepare for Ragnarok, the ultimate clash of the gods. All except Valhalla, whose tall walls are beset by deafening silence ... No singing or clash of swords can be heard. Sitting on his crumbling throne, Odin sleeps a long and dreamless sleep, waiting for the return of his memory from the inscrutable ocean of the universe and with it his strength to stand up to the Nine World and foster the flourishing of a new beginning. The book includes an essential essay on Norse mythology.
Many-coloured glass
Author: May Griffith Edwards
Pages: 71
Year: 1969-01-01
View: 829
Read: 321

Tomb Raider #5
Author: Gail Simone
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics (Single Issues)
Pages: 23
Year: 2014-06-25
View: 335
Read: 1005
Gail Simone's thrilling addition to the Tomb Raider saga continues in this first thrilling arc's penultimate issue! With Sam being captured by a deadly enemy, it's a race against time as Lara finds herself returning to the place of her nightmares—Yamatai island—in order to save her. Lara must fight for her life, and the lives of her friends as she risks everything to set things right once and for all. The official continuation of Lara Croft's story! The Tomb Raider video game has sold over 6 million copies! "I'm excited to see where Lara's adventures take her. With Simone at the helm, I have no doubt the series is in good hands."—Game Skinny
A Dwarf With No Name
Author: D. P. Prior
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 1500606391
Pages: 146
Year: 2014-07-21
View: 341
Read: 744
Cursed by a demonic axe and fueled with an unquenchable bloodlust, the Nameless Dwarf slaughters his own people in their thousands. The survivors flee to the nightmare realms beyond the mountains, where no one has ever set foot and lived to tell the tale. Freed from the axe, and horrified by what he has done, the Nameless Dwarf pursues them across the known world. Convinced there can be no atonement, he is prepared to sacrifice everything to save the last of his race from extinction. The trail leads to the brigand town of Malfen, on the fringes of civilization. But no one passes though without paying a toll to an underground boss known as the Ant-Man. It is a toll that has already cost many their lives. Publisher's Note: A Dwarf With No Name was previously published as The Ant-Man of Malfen
Loving Pablo, Hating Escobar
Author: Virginia Vallejo
Publisher: Vintage
ISBN: 0525433406
Pages: 416
Year: 2018-05-29
View: 819
Read: 449
Now a major motion picture! Pablo Escobar was one of the most terrifying criminal minds of the last century. In the decade before his death in 1993, he reigned as the head of a multinational cocaine industry and brought the Colombian state to its knees, killing thousands of politicians, media personalities, police, and unarmed citizens. In the 1980s, Virginia Vallejo was Colombia’s most famous television celebrity: a top-rated anchorwoman and a twice-divorced socialite who had been courted by the country’s four wealthiest men. In 1982, she interviewed Pablo Escobar on her news program, and soon after, they began a discreet—albeit stormy—romantic relationship. During their five-year affair, Escobar would show Vallejo the vulnerability of presidents, senators, and military leaders seeking to profit from the drug trade. From Vallejo’s privileged perspective and her ability to navigate the global corridors of wealth and high society, Escobar gained the insight to master his manipulation ofColombia’s powerful elite and media. Loving Pablo, Hating Escobar chronicles the birth of Colombia’s drug cartels: the kidnappers, the guerilla groups, and the paramilitary organizations. It is, above everything, a great love story—a deep and painful journeythrough a forbidden relationship—that gives us an intimate vision of thelegendary drug baron who left his mark on Colombia, Latin America, the United States, and the world forever.
A Princess of Landover
Author: Terry Brooks
Publisher: Del Rey
ISBN: 034551677X
Pages: 352
Year: 2009-08-18
View: 191
Read: 159
BONUS: This edition contains an excerpt from Terry Brooks's Bearers of the Black Staff. Ben Holiday, mere mortal turned monarch of the magic kingdom of Landover, has grappled with numerous contenders for his throne, but nothing could have prepared him for the most daunting of challengers: his headstrong teenage daughter, Mistaya. After getting suspended from an exclusive private school in our world, Mistaya is determined to resume her real education—learning sorcery from court wizard Questor Thews—whether her parents like it or not. Then, horrified that a repulsive Landover nobleman seeks to marry her, Mistaya decides that the only way to run her own life is to run away from home. So begins an eventful odyssey peppered with a formidable dragon, recalcitrant Gnomes, an inscrutable magic cat, a handsome librarian, a sinister sorcerer, and more than a few narrow escapes as fate draws Landover’s intrepid princess into the thick of a mystery that will put her mettle to the test—and possibly bring the kingdom to its knees.
Rock Drums for Beginners
Author: Pete Sweeney
Publisher: Alfred Music Publishing
ISBN: 0739030183
Pages: 48
Year: 2002-11
View: 969
Read: 905
The rock-solid approach to rock-solid drumming. Starting with how to set up and tune the drumset, hold and use the sticks, and coordinate your hands and feet, this easy, step-by-step approach will guide you all the way to playing in the styles of the greatest rock drummers.
Dark Wraith of Shannara
Author: Terry Brooks
Publisher: Ballantine Group
ISBN: 0345546458
Pages: 208
Year: 2013-01-30
View: 645
Read: 1106
THE FIRST-EVER GRAPHIC NOVEL SET IN THE WORLD OF SHANNARA! Possessing an awesome power he is only beginning to understand, young Jair Ohmsford must summon the devastating yet darkly seductive magic of the wishsong on a fateful mission to save his friends . . . and protect the future from the forces of evil. If you’ve never ventured into the wondrous world of Shannara, consider this an ideal opportunity. Prepare to enter the breathtaking realm of the Four Lands, where beings both noble and sinister have quested and clashed, crossed swords in the names of darkness and light, and engaged in adventures rich with mystery and majesty. “Terry’s place is at the head of the fantasy world.” –Philip Pullman, author of The Golden Compass
Old Czech Legends
Author: Alois Jirásek
Publisher: Dufour Editions
ISBN: 1856100200
Pages: 199
Year: 1992
View: 1015
Read: 1231
Written in the early 1890s, before Czech independence and in an age of patriotic upsurge and romanticism, these thirty-four tales quite naturally reflect a glorification of the Czech past. While the details of the legends are necessarily archaic, peopled by kings and noblemen, ghosts and magic, the themes are universal. Now at the dawn of a new era of Czech independence, they provide a fascinating new perspective to the contemporary situation.
The Doctrine of the New Jerusalem Concerning the Lord
Author: Emanuel Swedenborg
Publisher: The Swedenborg Society
ISBN: 0854480412
Pages: 45
Year: 1920
View: 1165
Read: 1124

Rainbow High
Author: Alex Sanchez
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1439115370
Pages: 272
Year: 2011-08-09
View: 1222
Read: 752
Jason Carrillo, the best-looking athlete in school, has had his eyes on the prize from day one: a scholarship for college. But then his eyes turn to love -- and Kyle. Kyle Meeks, swim team star and all-around good guy, is finally in the relationship he wanted. Being in love feels so good, in fact, that he can't imagine giving it up to go to Princeton. Something he's worked for his entire life. Nelson Glassman, outgoing and defiant, might be HIV positive. Jeremy, the boy he loves, is HIV positive. Although Nelson fears testing positive, if he is infected Jeremy might stop protecting him and pushing him away. They can be together. High shool's almost over. Graduation is ahead. Life's a bowl of cherries, right? Right...
Drum Kit Fills
Author: Mark Murphy
ISBN: 0648309711
Pages: 60
Year: 2018-06
View: 363
Read: 960
Drum Kit Fills Volume 2 is the second book in a series of publications designed to develop the ability to play fills around the drum kit. It contains 16th note, 12/8, 32nd note,triplet and double bass drum fills. Also includes 5 solo pieces designed to help understand how to use fills in a realistic musical context.
Corto Maltese: the Ethiopian
Author: Hugo Pratt
Publisher: IDW Publishing
ISBN: 1631406965
Pages: 96
Year: 2016-08-30
View: 1106
Read: 646
Nominated for both the Eisner and Harvey Awards for Best Foreign Language Publication! When Corto Maltese arrives in the Middle East and Africa in 1918 the shifting sands and loyalties reveal colonial powers still battling for domination over each other and the indigenous people. The desert of Yemen, controlled by the fading Ottoman Empire, is the setting for "In the Name of Allah, the Merciful and Compassionate," where Corto meets Cush, the Danikil warrior with whom he establishes a close yet conflicted relationship. In "The Coup de Grace" the stubborn racism of an English commander of a small fort in British Somaliland leads to conflict with Cush and the Dervish army of Sayyid Mohamed, whom the British call "The Mad Mullah." The action moves to Ethiopia amidst inter-tribal conflict in "...and of Other Romeos and Other Juliets," as Cush introduces Corto to the mysterious and powerful shaman Shamael, who hears the voices of the dead and of devils. German East Africa is the background of "The Leopard-Men of the Rufiji," where Corto is engulfed in a dreamlike atmosphere that reveals how African justice operates outside the constraints of "white" law.