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Les Entreprises humanistes
Author: Jacques Lecomte
Publisher: Les Arènes
ISBN: 2352045215
Pages: 525
Year: 2016-01-22T00:00:00+01:00
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Face à la violence de la compétition économique, parler de bonheur, de bienveillance et de solidarité peut sembler naïf, voire utopique. Le but de ce livre est de montrer qu'au contraire l'humanisme a toute sa place au sein de l'entreprise, y compris dans les plus grosses structures. Jacques Lecomte nous fait découvrir des centaines d'études scientifiques passionnantes qui prouvent même que ces valeurs sont bénéfiques. Il a rencontré et interviewé de nombreux managers d'entreprises numéro un dans leur domaine. Beaucoup d'idées volent en éclats (travaillons-nous vraiment pour l'argent ? Pourquoi la surveillance est-elle contre-productive ? Comment les sanctions détériorent-elles la sécurité ? etc.). Une nouvelle philosophie du management se dessine (leadership serviteur, apaisement des conflits, protection de l'environnement, démarche appréciative, etc.). Et, finalement, c'est toute une réflexion sur la raison d'être des entreprises qui se fait jour. Les entreprises humanistes sont plus fortes non par calcul, mais par choix. Et elles peuvent changer le monde.
L'entreprise humaniste
Author: Philippe Boiry
Publisher: Editions L'Harmattan
ISBN: 229636201X
Pages: 192
Year: 1998-04-01
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Mettant en garde contre le " modèle américain", inquiet de la mondialisation, l'auteur propose, dans cet ouvrage, un retour à certaines valeurs morales, fondées sur le respect de l'Homme, une " entreprise-enseignante ", le développement de l'archéologie industrielle. Ces réflexions sur le chômage, le civisme de l'entreprise opposé à l'entreprise citoyenne, les " suspectes ressources humaines " proposent un " changement de comportement " humaniste dans la gestion du travail.
Functional Communication Quality
Author: Luuk Waes, Egbert Woudstra
Publisher: Rodopi
ISBN: 9051837380
Pages: 219
Year: 1994
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In this volume researchers from American and European universities and institutes present their recent research on 'Functional Communication Quality'.Functional refers to the purposes of the communication process. The relations between these purposes and the best way to describe them, are some of the topics discussed.Communication refers to a complex interactive process. Relevant variables include the speech act of the participants, features of the message, chosen channel, moment, duration, frequency, environment. The participants in this process are individuals and groups as well as organizations and parts of organizations.Quality can be described from several points of view: a technical point of view with efficiency as its goal, an operative point of view which aims for effectiveness or an aesthetic point of view.This volume shows that a multi-perspective approach to Functional Communication Quality (FCQ) is the only way to obtain a better insight into this area of communication studies. The papers are grouped in four different chapters, each dealing with a different perspective on the theme:• FCQ in an organizational context;• FCQ and research methods;• FCQ and text analysis;• FCQ and electronic tools.The book also contains an overview of organizational communication research in France and Spain.This volume will be of interest to a broad audience of researchers and students in the field of organizational communication studies and the field of writing studies, communication consultants and communication managers, professional writers and software engineers.
L'entreprise humaniste : le management par les valeurs : l'histoire vraie de Châteauform'
Author: Jacques Horovitz
Publisher: Ellipses Marketing
ISBN: 2729877363
Pages: 349
Year: 2013-01-02
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Qu’est-ce qu’une entreprise humaniste ? C’est une entreprise qui a fait le choix du management par les valeurs plutôt que par les règles, et qui met les hommes et les femmes au coeur de l’entreprise au lieu de la performance. Une équipe de vingt-six consultants dévoile dans cet ouvrage les clés pour comprendre, mettre en place et faire vivre cette nouvelle forme de management, illustrée par des exemples concrets d’expériences réussies. En fil rouge, Jacques Horovitz présente les pratiques mises en place chez Châteauform’, cette entreprise atypique qui offre des sites entièrement dédiés aux séminaires d’entreprise avec un accueil « comme à la maison ». Dirigeants, managers, responsables RH, créateurs d’entreprise, ainsi qu’étudiants, découvriront ici en quoi le management classique a atteint ses limites et comment instaurer de nouvelles pratiques et de nouvelles valeurs au sein de l’entreprise.
Rewriting Arthurian Romance in Renaissance France
Author: Jane H. M. Taylor
Publisher: Boydell & Brewer Ltd
ISBN: 184384365X
Pages: 278
Year: 2014
View: 230
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First comprehensive examination of the ways in which printers, publishers and booksellers adapted and rewrote Arthurian romance in early modern France, for new audiences and in new forms.
Dangerous Liaisons
Author: Choderlos de Laclos
Publisher: GoodBook Classics
Pages: 581
Year: 1898
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The complex moral ambiguities of seduction and revenge make 'Les Liaisons dangereuses' (1782) one of the most scandalous and controversial novels in European literature. The subject of major film and stage adaptations, the novel's prime movers, the Vicomte de Valmont and the Marquise de Merteuil, form an unholy alliance and turn seduction into a game - a game which they must win. Quotes from the book: “When one woman strikes at the heart of another, she seldom misses, and the wound is invariably fatal.” “Truth to tell, the longer I live, the more I'm tempted to think that the only moderately worthwhile people in the world are you and I.” “A man enjoys the happiness he feels, a woman the happiness she gives.” Readers' reviews: “I'm amazed, these two principal characters that are the very incarnations of malice have incredibly salient and correct anecdotes about love and the beauty of sex considering they use it to humiliate others.” (Tessa Concepcion, goodreads.com) “Only a country like France, which takes sex seriously with a smile, as Britain does snobbery with a snoot, could produce this ironic novel.” (Sketchbook, goodreads.com) “I think it was Kierkegaard who advised to be aware of entangling alliances. The web of sin in this book is masterfully woven as letters to frame-up an epistolary novel in which each character's letters speak volumes about the characters themselves.” (Robert Lentz, goodreads.com)
The Story of Sex
Author: Philippe Brenot
Publisher: Black Dog & Leventhal
ISBN: 0316472255
Pages: 208
Year: 2017-10-31
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The first graphic history of sex chronicles sexuality and human intimacy through the ages, from our primate pasts to our robotic futures. Humans have had sex on the brain since pre-civilization either for pleasure, power, revenge, a desire for children, or simply because it isn't allowed. Today, sex is all around us but it's rarely explained and almost never taught. In The Story of Sex, sexologist Phillipe Brenot combines anthropology, sociology, psychology and history with witty comics by Latetita Coryn for an in-depth explanation of this essential aspect of humanity. Organized chronologically into sections like Babylon: Free Love, The Middle Ages: Heaven and Hell, and The 20th Century: Sexual Liberation, Brenot explores what eroticism really is, how our ancestors behaved sexually, when the first couple was established, how superstition and morality laws shaped sexuality, the use of pornography in the digital age, and how some ancient civilizations were far ahead of their time when it came to gender equality. Full of fascinating details like Cleopatra's invention of the vibrator and a Dutch shopkeeper's accidental discovery of the existence of sperm--all accompanied by hilarious comics and dialogue--The Story of Sex is informative, unique, and entertaining book.
Polymeric Materials with Antimicrobial Activity
Author: Maria Cerrada
Publisher: Royal Society of Chemistry
ISBN: 1849738076
Pages: 432
Year: 2013-11-01
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Antimicrobial polymers are materials that prevent microorganism growth and are needed for many everyday applications from food packaging and water treatment to medicine and healthcare. This new book covers different areas of antimicrobial materials based on polymers including chitosan, polymers with ammonium and phosphonium groups, polymer nanofibers, carbon-based polymer Nanocomposites, polymeric and non-polymeric metal complexes, and biomimetic materials. By combining the information of different materials as well as antimicrobial action modes and applications within one source, the book provides a general summary of the field. Polymeric Materials with Antimicrobial Activity starts with a general introduction to antimicrobial polymers and presents the most common types of microorganisms (bacteria, fungi, yeast and algae) along with the main areas of application of antimicrobial polymeric materials. Specific chapters then detail different polymer systems covering the fundamental issues of synthesis, characterization, physico-chemical properties and applications. With contributions from leading scientists the book is suitable for researchers in polymers, chemistry, biology and materials science interested in an overview of antimicrobial polymeric materials as well as the recent advances in their synthesis, properties and applications.
Voltaire's Bastards
Author: John Ralston Saul
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1476718962
Pages: 656
Year: 2013-07-02
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Argues that blind faith in reason has resulted in problems in every phase of social life, suggests reason is an administrative method rather than a moral force, and proposes some solutions.
Intelligence stratégique
Author: Dominique Dieng
Publisher: Presses universitaires de Namur
ISBN: 287037867X
Pages: 210
Year: 2014-10-08
View: 1111
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La recherche, fer de lance de l'innovation, face à un environnement de plus en plus compétitif et en évolution constante, est soumise à de nouveaux défis auxquels elle n'est pas toujours préparée. Cet ouvrage est né de la volonté d'apporter aux acteurs la recherche et de l'innovation des outils et méthodologies qui, à travers une démarche transversale d'Intelligence Stratégique, les préparent à ces nouveaux enjeux. Il a pour objectif de montrer qu'intégrer une démarche plus structurée et plus ouverte sur son environnement peut s'avérer payante en termes d'opportunités de financement, de valorisation des résultats, de définition des orientations stratégiques. Construit autour des 3 piliers de l'Intelligence Stratégique - la veille, la protection de l'information et l'influence - et alliant théorie, illustrations, témoignages de chercheurs et fiches pratiques, ce guide s'adresse à la gouvernance de l'établissement de recherche ou du laboratoire, aux interfaces recherche-entreprises, aux chercheurs. Il servira également de fil rouge au pouvoir organisateur pour l'implémentation de l'Intelligence Stratégique dans les institutions de recherche.
Born On A Blue Day
Author: Daniel Tammet
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 141654819X
Pages: 240
Year: 2007-01-09
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A journey into one of the most fascinating minds alive today—guided by the owner himself. Bestselling author Daniel Tammet (Thinking in Numbers) is virtually unique among people who have severe autistic disorders in that he is capable of living a fully independent life and able to explain what is happening inside his head. He sees numbers as shapes, colors, and textures, and he can perform extraordinary calculations in his head. He can learn to speak new languages fluently, from scratch, in a week. In 2004, he memorized and recited more than 22,000 digits of pi, setting a record. He has savant syndrome, an extremely rare condition that gives him the most unimaginable mental powers, much like those portrayed by Dustin Hoffman in the film Rain Man. Fascinating and inspiring, Born on a Blue Day explores what it’s like to be special and gives us an insight into what makes us all human—our minds.
The Unconscious Civilization
Author: John Ralston Saul
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1439118604
Pages: 208
Year: 2012-11-06
View: 1114
Read: 431
In this intellectual tour de force John Ralston Saul argues that our society is only superficially based on the individual and democracy, and the West now toils unconsciously in the grip of a stifling “corporatist” structure that serves the needs of business managers and technocrats as it promotes the segmentation of society into competing interest groups and ethnic blocks.
L'humanisme allemand (1480-1540)
Author: Centre d'études supérieures de la Renaissance
Pages: 727
Year: 1979
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Author: Reza Aslan
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 0679603530
Pages: 336
Year: 2013-07-16
View: 207
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#1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • A meticulously researched biography that challenges long-held assumptions about Jesus, from the host of CNN’s Believer NAMED ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR BY Good Housekeeping • Booklist • Publishers Weekly • Bookish Two thousand years ago, an itinerant Jewish preacher and miracle worker walked across the Galilee, gathering followers to establish what he called the “Kingdom of God.” The revolutionary movement he launched was so threatening to the established order that he was captured, tortured, and executed as a state criminal. Within decades after his shameful death, his followers would call him God. Sifting through centuries of mythmaking, Reza Aslan sheds new light on one of history’s most influential and enigmatic characters by examining Jesus through the lens of the tumultuous era in which he lived: first-century Palestine, an age awash in apocalyptic fervor. Scores of Jewish prophets, preachers, and would-be messiahs wandered through the Holy Land, bearing messages from God. This was the age of zealotry—a fervent nationalism that made resistance to the Roman occupation a sacred duty incumbent on all Jews. And few figures better exemplified this principle than the charismatic Galilean who defied both the imperial authorities and their allies in the Jewish religious hierarchy. Balancing the Jesus of the Gospels against the historical sources, Aslan describes a man full of conviction and passion, yet rife with contradiction; a man of peace who exhorted his followers to arm themselves with swords; an exorcist and faith healer who urged his disciples to keep his identity a secret; and ultimately the seditious “King of the Jews” whose promise of liberation from Rome went unfulfilled in his brief lifetime. Aslan explores the reasons why the early Christian church preferred to promulgate an image of Jesus as a peaceful spiritual teacher rather than a politically conscious revolutionary. And he grapples with the riddle of how Jesus understood himself, the mystery that is at the heart of all subsequent claims about his divinity. Zealot yields a fresh perspective on one of the greatest stories ever told even as it affirms the radical and transformative nature of Jesus of Nazareth’s life and mission. The result is a thought-provoking, elegantly written biography with the pulse of a fast-paced novel: a singularly brilliant portrait of a man, a time, and the birth of a religion. Praise for Zealot “Riveting . . . Aslan synthesizes Scripture and scholarship to create an original account.”—The New Yorker “A lucid, intelligent page-turner.”—Los Angeles Times “Fascinatingly and convincingly drawn . . . Aslan may come as close as one can to respecting those who revere Jesus as the peace-loving, turn-the-other-cheek, true son of God depicted in modern Christianity, even as he knocks down that image.”—The Seattle Times “[Aslan’s] literary talent is as essential to the effect of Zealot as are his scholarly and journalistic chops. . . . A vivid, persuasive portrait.”—Salon “This tough-minded, deeply political book does full justice to the real Jesus, and honors him in the process.”—San Francisco Chronicle
Alpha Leadership
Author: Anne Deering, Robert Dilts, Julian Russell
Publisher: Wiley
ISBN: 0470844833
Pages: 244
Year: 2002-05-22
View: 1044
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This is a book for 21st Century leaders. The authors are offering approaches to reduce stress and to promote satisfaction at a time when this seems impossible for most people struggling to make sense of the workplace and its demands: 76% of managers want to spend more time with their families 50% say they feel too mentally and physically exhausted to do anything but work or sleep 30% say their lives are out of control one in five say they are too stressed to enjoy their lives at all Many of the leadership skills (such as emotional intelligence, weak signal management, mental agility) that are key to success in today's corporate world are not taught in business schools, are rarely discussed by business academics, nor are they recognised within corporations as they recruit, promote and train their staff. Business conversation is all about the war for talent - and yet the solutions presented are all "outside-in" (i.e. what the corporation needs to do to ensure people stay, to "make" their values align, to retain them) rather than "inside-out" (i.e. alignment of individual's sense of purpose with how they spend their time, the fit of their skills to the demands of their job, and so on). Alpha Leadership seeks to redress these imbalances. The book is constructed around a new and simple model of leadership. The authors call this, 'Alpha leadership', which consists of three main axes: Anticipate, Align and Act. They have derived this model from their extensive experience of leadership development in the US and Europe, during a period of rapid adaptation to the digital economy. The authors argument is that traditional approaches to leadership, leadership as it is taught in the business schools and the criteria assigned to it by corporate promotion and appraisal systems, focus exclusively on 'action', and take little or no account of the crucial importance of anticipation and alignment. This is of increased concern since the skills most likely to generate success for leaders in today's networked, knowledge-based and unpredictable business environment are precisely those most often ignored. This emphasis on action without its preliminaries of anticipation and alignment is also a paradox, since without effective anticipation and alignment, action is likely to be inefficient, ineffective, and unsustainable. The book is aimed at an "inside-out" view of leadership: starting with the individual and his/her sense of purpose and values, rather than the more typical approach to leadership writing which adopts an "outside-in" view, holding up models and examples of other leaders to emulate with little or no clue of how to go about doing so, or indeed whether or not this would be an appropriate model in the reader's specific context. Alpha Leadership is designed as a pragmatic "how to" book, derived from the authors experience of one-to-one executive coaching - with tools, approaches and frameworks to support leaders in progressing in their careers, while also maintaining a sense of balance and purpose in their lives. Each chapter starts with a "parable" or story - a very readable analogy from completely different fields of study that is used to shed light on the issues and problems facing leaders in the business environment. The authors then move to a section on "sense making" (avoiding blue sky theorising in favour of practical, down-to-earth interpretation and real life business examples). Finally the authors include relevant tools/frameworks to help the readers apply what they have read in their every day business lives.