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Lever des fonds
Author: Xavier Milin
ISBN: 2354562969
Pages: 308
Year: 2018-03-15
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Read: 665
Vous avez créé votre entreprise, vous connaissez un début de succès, vous souhaitez développer ou monétiser votre offre sans tarder en levant des fonds ? Lever des fonds, c'est donner du carburant à votre projet, mais c'est aussi inviter au capital de votre entreprise des investisseurs et perdre ainsi une partie de son contrôle. Avant de vous lancer dans un processus parfois long et périlleux, lisez ce livre ! Avec de nombreux exemples concrets, Xavier Milin vous aide à comprendre les enjeux et vous donne tous les atouts pour réussir cette étape cruciale du développement de votre entreprise. Qui sont les différents types d'investisseurs que vous devez cibler et comment communiquer efficacement avec eux ? Comment valoriser votre entreprise ? Comment négocier la lettre d'intention ? Comment éviter les pièges de certaines clauses contractuelles ? Qu'est-ce qui se cache derrière une due diligence et comment se déroule-t-elle ? Comment bien gérer la vie "post-levée" ?
The First 20 Hours
Author: Josh Kaufman
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1101623047
Pages: 288
Year: 2013-06-13
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Forget the 10,000 hour rule— what if it’s possible to learn the basics of any new skill in 20 hours or less? Take a moment to consider how many things you want to learn to do. What’s on your list? What’s holding you back from getting started? Are you worried about the time and effort it takes to acquire new skills—time you don’t have and effort you can’t spare? Research suggests it takes 10,000 hours to develop a new skill. In this nonstop world when will you ever find that much time and energy? To make matters worse, the early hours of prac­ticing something new are always the most frustrating. That’s why it’s difficult to learn how to speak a new language, play an instrument, hit a golf ball, or shoot great photos. It’s so much easier to watch TV or surf the web . . . In The First 20 Hours, Josh Kaufman offers a systematic approach to rapid skill acquisition— how to learn any new skill as quickly as possible. His method shows you how to deconstruct com­plex skills, maximize productive practice, and remove common learning barriers. By complet­ing just 20 hours of focused, deliberate practice you’ll go from knowing absolutely nothing to performing noticeably well. Kaufman personally field-tested the meth­ods in this book. You’ll have a front row seat as he develops a personal yoga practice, writes his own web-based computer programs, teaches himself to touch type on a nonstandard key­board, explores the oldest and most complex board game in history, picks up the ukulele, and learns how to windsurf. Here are a few of the sim­ple techniques he teaches: Define your target performance level: Fig­ure out what your desired level of skill looks like, what you’re trying to achieve, and what you’ll be able to do when you’re done. The more specific, the better. Deconstruct the skill: Most of the things we think of as skills are actually bundles of smaller subskills. If you break down the subcompo­nents, it’s easier to figure out which ones are most important and practice those first. Eliminate barriers to practice: Removing common distractions and unnecessary effort makes it much easier to sit down and focus on deliberate practice. Create fast feedback loops: Getting accu­rate, real-time information about how well you’re performing during practice makes it much easier to improve. Whether you want to paint a portrait, launch a start-up, fly an airplane, or juggle flaming chain­saws, The First 20 Hours will help you pick up the basics of any skill in record time . . . and have more fun along the way.
Author: Neil Rackham
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 113846595X
Year: 2017-09
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True or false? In selling high-value products or services: 'closing' increases your chance of success; it is essential to describe the benefits of your product or service to the customer; objection handling is an important skill; open questions are more effective than closed questions. All false, says this provocative book. Neil Rackham and his team studied more than 35,000 sales calls made by 10,000 sales people in 23 countries over 12 years. Their findings revealed that many of the methods developed for selling low-value goods just don�t work for major sales. Rackham went on to introduce his SPIN-Selling method. SPIN describes the whole selling process: Situation questions Problem questions Implication questions Need-payoff questions SPIN-Selling provides you with a set of simple and practical techniques which have been tried in many of today�s leading companies with dramatic improvements to their sales performance.
Scaling Lean
Author: Ash Maurya
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1101980524
Pages: 290
Year: 2016
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"Scaling Lean offers an invaluable blueprint for modeling startup success. You'll learn the essential metrics that measure the output of a working business model, give you the pulse of your company, communicate its health to investors, and enable you to make precise interventions when things go wrong, "--Amazon.com.
Correspondence, 1932-1960
Author: Albert Camus, Jean Grenier
Publisher: U of Nebraska Press
ISBN: 0803214979
Pages: 277
Year: 2003
View: 1317
Read: 1285
As a philosophy teacher, mentor, and friend, Jean Grenier (1898?1971) had an enormous influence on the young Albert Camus (1913?1960), who, in fact, acknowledged that Grenier?s Les Iles had touched the very core of his sensibility and provided him with both a ?terrain for reflection, and a format? that he would later use for his own essays. Their correspondence, beginning when the seventeen-year-old Camus was Grenier?s student at the Grand Lycäe of Algiers, documents the younger man?s struggle to become a writer and find his own voice, a period in which he turned frequently to his mentor for advice, comfort, and direction. The letters cover a period of almost thirty years, from 1932 to Camus?s untimely death in 1960. Because Camus destroyed the earlier correspondence he received, the first twenty-six letters in the volume are his only; the full begins in 1940. ø These enlightening letters offer invaluable glimpses into the development of Camus?s aesthetic ideas, literary production, and political stance. In contrast to the correspondence of Grenier, who throughout remains somewhat reticent about his life and doubtful about himself and his works, Camus?s letters are a window into his most profound thoughts and sensitivities, delving deeply into his psyche and, at times, revealing a side of the writer unfamiliar to us. Undoubtedly they allow us a better understanding of Albert Camus, the man and the artist.
Deep Survival: Who Lives, Who Dies, and Why
Author: Laurence Gonzales
Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company
ISBN: 0393354210
Pages: 336
Year: 2017-01-10
View: 304
Read: 1062
“Unique among survival books . . . stunning . . . enthralling. Deep Survival makes compelling, and chilling, reading.”—Denver Post Over a decade since its original publication, Laurence Gonzales’s bestselling Deep Survival has helped save lives from the deepest wildernesses, just as it has improved readers’ everyday lives. Its mix of adventure narrative, survival science, and practical advice has inspired everyone from business leaders to military officers, educators, and psychiatric professionals on how to take control of stress, learn to assess risk, and make better decisions under pressure. Now with a new introduction on how this book can help readers overcome any of life’s obstacles, Gonzales’s gripping narrative is set to motivate and enlighten a new generation of readers.
Reinventing Organizations
Author: Frederic Laloux, Ken Wilber
Publisher: Lightning Source Incorporated
ISBN: 2960133501
Pages: 360
Year: 2014
View: 184
Read: 1216
The way we manage organizations seems increasingly out of date. Survey after survey shows that a majority of employees feel disengaged from their companies. The epidemic of organizational disillusionment goes way beyond Corporate America-teachers, doctors, and nurses are leaving their professions in record numbers because the way we run schools and hospitals kills their vocation. Government agencies and nonprofits have a noble purpose, but working for these entities often feels soulless and lifeless just the same. All these organizations suffer from power games played at the top and powerlessness at lower levels, from infighting and bureaucracy, from endless meetings and a seemingly never-ending succession of change and cost-cutting programs. Deep inside, we long for soulful workplaces, for authenticity, community, passion, and purpose. The solution, according to many progressive scholars, lies with more enlightened management. But reality shows that this is not enough. In most cases, the system beats the individual-when managers or leaders go through an inner transformation, they end up leaving their organizations because they no longer feel like putting up with a place that is inhospitable to the deeper longings of their soul. We need more enlightened leaders, but we need something more: enlightened organizational structures and practices. But is there even such a thing? Can we conceive of enlightened organizations? In this groundbreaking book, the author shows that every time humanity has shifted to a new stage of consciousness in the past, it has invented a whole new way to structure and run organizations, each time bringing extraordinary breakthroughs in collaboration. A new shift in consciousness is currently underway. Could it help us invent a radically more soulful and purposeful way to run our businesses and nonprofits, schools and hospitals? The pioneering organizations researched for this book have already "cracked the code." Their founders have fundamentally questioned every aspect of management and have come up with entirely new organizational methods. Even though they operate in very different industries and geographies and did not know of each other's experiments, the structures and practices they have developed are remarkably similar. It's hard not to get excited about this finding: a new organizational model seems to be emerging, and it promises a soulful revolution in the workplace. "Reinventing Organizations" describes in practical detail how organizations large and small can operate in this new paradigm. Leaders, founders, coaches, and consultants will find this work a joyful handbook, full of insights, examples, and inspiring stories.
The Miracle Morning
Author: Hal Elrod
ISBN: 0979019710
Pages: 146
Year: 2012-12
View: 332
Read: 411
What's being widely regarded as "one of the most life changing books ever written" may be the simplest approach to achieving everything you've ever wanted, and faster than you ever thought possible. What if you could wake up tomorrow and any-or EVERY-area of your life was beginning to transform? What would you change? The Miracle Morning is already transforming the lives of tens of thousands of people around the world by showing them how to wake up each day with more ENERGY, MOTIVATION, and FOCUS to take your life to the next level. It's been right here in front of us all along, but this book has finally brought it to life. Are you ready? The next chapter of YOUR life-the most extraordinary life you've ever imagined-is about to begin. It's time to WAKE UP to your full potential...
The Business Blockchain
Author: William Mougayar
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1119300339
Pages: 208
Year: 2016-04-26
View: 243
Read: 1039
The definitive pioneering blueprint covering the what, why and how of the blockchain. Blockchains are new technology layers that rewire the Internet and threaten to side-step older legacy constructs and centrally served businesses. At its core, a blockchain injects trust into the network, cutting off some intermediaries from serving that function and creatively disrupting how they operate. Metaphorically, blockchains are the ultimate non-stop computers. Once launched, they never go down, and offer an incredible amount of resiliency, making them dependable and attractive for running a new generation of decentralized services and software applications. The Business Blockchain charts new territory in advancing our understanding of the blockchain by unpacking its elements like no other before. William Mougayar anticipates a future that consists of thousands, if not millions of blockchains that will enable not only frictionless value exchange, but also a new flow of value, redefining roles, relationships, power and governance. In this book, Mougayar makes two other strategic assertions. First, the blockchain has polymorphic characteristics; its application will result in a multiplicity of effects. Second, we shouldn’t ask ourselves what problems the blockchain solves, because that gives us a narrow view on its potential. Rather, we should imagine new opportunities, and tackle even more ambitious problems that cross organizational, regulatory and mental boundaries. Drawing on 34 years of technology industry experience as an executive, analyst, consultant, entrepreneur, startup mentor, author, blogger, educator, thought leader and investor, William Mougayar describes a future that is influenced by fundamental shifts brought by blockchain technology as the catalyst for change. William Mougayar has been described as the most sophisticated blockchain business thinker. He is a blockchain industry insider whose work has already shaped and influenced the understanding of blockchain for people around the world, via his generous blogging and rigorous research insights. He is a direct participant in the crypto-technology market, working alongside startups, entrepreneurs, pioneers, leaders, innovators, creators, enterprise executives and practitioners; in addition to being an investor, advisor, and board member in some of the leading organizations in this space, such as the Ethereum Foundation, OpenBazaar and Coin Center. Just as the Internet created new possibilities that we didn’t foresee in its early years, the blockchain will give rise to new business models and ideas that may still be invisible. Following an engaging Foreword by Vitalik Buterin, this book is organized along these 7 chapters: 1. What is the Blockchain? 2. How Blockchain Trust Infiltrates 3. Obstacles, Challenges & Mental Blocks 4. Blockchain in Financial Services 5. Lighthouse Industries & New Intermediaries 6. Implementing Blockchain Technology 7. Decentralization as the Way Forward The Business Blockchain is an invitation for technologists to better understand the business potential of the blockchain, and for business minded people to grasp the many facets of blockchain technology. This book teaches you how to think about the blockchain.
A Void
Author: Georges Perec, Gilbert Adair
Publisher: David R. Godine Publisher
ISBN: 1567922961
Pages: 284
Year: 2005-11-01
View: 798
Read: 1175
The Year Is 1968, and as France is torn apart by social and political anarchy, the noted eccentric and insomniac Anton Vowl goes missing. Ransacking his Paris flat, his best friends scour his diary for clues to his whereabouts. At first glance these pages reveal nothing but Vowl's penchant for word games, especially for "lipograms," compositions in which the use of a particular letter is suppressed. But as the friends work out Vowl's verbal puzzles, and as they investigate various leads discovered among the entries, they too disappear, one by one by one, and under the most mysterious circumstances... A Void is a metaphysical whodunit, a story chock-full of plots and subplots, of trails in pursuit of trails, all of which afford Perec occasion to display his virtuosity as a verbal magician, acrobat, and sad-eyed clown. It is also an outrageous verbal stunt: a 300-page novel that never once employs the letter E. Adair's translation, too, is astounding; Time called it "a daunting triumph of will pushing its way through imposing roadblocks to a magical country, an absurdist nirvana of humor, pathos, and loss."
Barbarians at the Gate
Author: Bryan Burrough, John Helyar
Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 0061804037
Pages: 624
Year: 2009-10-13
View: 620
Read: 1216
“One of the finest, most compelling accounts of what happened to corporate America and Wall Street in the 1980’s.” —New York Times Book Review A #1 New York Times bestseller and arguably the best business narrative ever written, Barbarians at the Gate is the classic account of the fall of RJR Nabisco. An enduring masterpiece of investigative journalism by Bryan Burrough and John Helyar, it includes a new afterword by the authors that brings this remarkable story of greed and double-dealings up to date twenty years after the famed deal. The Los Angeles Times calls Barbarians at the Gate, “Superlative.” The Chicago Tribune raves, “It’s hard to imagine a better story...and it’s hard to imagine a better account.” And in an era of spectacular business crashes and federal bailouts, it still stands as a valuable cautionary tale that must be heeded.
Amour et confusions...
Author: Nathalie Cougny
Publisher: Sudarènes Editions
ISBN: 2374641740
Pages: 163
Year: 2017-03-27
View: 446
Read: 1331
Après un événement qui a bouleversé sa vie, Aurore nous propose, telle une confidence, le récit de ses relations amoureuses et érotiques. Mais quel est le véritable enjeu de ce parcours où l’âme et le corps se cherchent au-delà des émotions ? Elle nous entraine, à travers des rencontres exceptionnelles et passionnantes, dans une liberté d’aimer singulière. Une expérience où la réalité est constamment modifiée et adaptée, d’abord à son insu, mais dans quel but ? Elle garde ce secret pendant vingt-huit ans, jusqu’au jour où... Un roman confidences où se mêlent sensualité et introspection EXTRAIT Cette nuit-là a bouleversé toute ma vie. Je suis sortie par la porte-fenêtre de ma chambre qui donnait sur la terrasse, sans faire de bruit, j’ai escaladé la haie, comme une ado, l’envie m’emportait comme un papillon, il m’attendait un peu plus haut dans sa voiture, une vieille Jaguar verte. Mon futur ex-mari dormait sur la mezzanine, nous allions divorcer, j’enfilais mon manteau de liberté pour vivre, insouciante et légère. Il devait être deux heures du matin, nous avions échangé toute la journée sur nos portables, des mots nouveaux, des envies folles de demain sans lendemain, qu’importe, la vie s’offrait comme un jardin suspendu aux mille couleurs. Plus rien n’existait que cette liberté dévorante. Mon cœur battait au rythme d’une salsa enivrante, mes yeux retenaient l’attente, emplis de lumière, ma bouche happait l’air sans relâche, c’était bon. Je m’étais sentie prisonnière d’un autre pendant tant d’années quand j’ai su. Désormais que tout s’ouvrait à moi, j’allais tout prendre. CE QU'EN PENSE LA CRITIQUE - « Nathalie Cougny livre un premier roman passionnant, au ton très personnel et à l’inspiration très sensuelle. Une invitation à se libérer des tabous, à assumer les appétits de l’âme et du corps, pour redonner à l’amour tout son sens et sa valeur : une ouverture fondamentale à l’autre, pour mieux se reconquérir soi-même... « Donne-toi, que tes mains s’ouvrent comme des yeux », écrivait le poète amoureux Paul Eluard. Le livre de Nathalie Cougny aussi se lit avec les mains, les yeux, le cœur.» - Estelle Gapp, France Inter - « Une mise à nu où la sensualité se partage avec une analyse lucide des relations entre les hommes et les femmes. Comme l'écrivait Henry Miller : « De temps en temps un individu rompt les amarres, change de vie, mais il n'est que l'exception qui confirme la règle. La personnalité puissante est celle qui secoue les chaines de tous les mondes formulés d'existence, et invente le sien propre». Une fois que vous aurez découvert le monde d'Aurore, tous les autres mondes vous paraitront incomplets. Et c'est une véritable personnalité puissante, Nathalie Cougny, qui signe là ce premier roman particulièrement troublant. » - Denis Benedetti, écrivain, libraire À PROPOS DE L'AUTEUR Nathalie Cougny est publiée depuis 2011 et artiste peintre autodidacte depuis 1996. Née en 1967, elle vit actuellement en région parisienne avec ses 4 enfants. En 1998, elle quitte son activité professionnelle au sein de la direction d’un grand groupe pour se consacrer au bénévolat dans le monde artistique durant 10 années. Elle codirige dès lors une école d'Art de 200 élèves, organise de nombreuses expositions d'artistes et des événements au profit d’un établissement philanthropique.
Skillstreaming in Early Childhood
Author: Ellen McGinnis, Arnold P. Goldstein
Publisher: Research Press
ISBN: 0878224491
Pages: 301
Year: 2003-01-01
View: 932
Read: 791
McGinnis and Goldstein update their approach for developing prosocial skills, providing instructions for teaching 40 skills, as well as including checklists, resources, and an annotated research bibliography.
Les régions de l'aigle et autres études sur Manzoni
Author: Luca Badini Confalonieri
Publisher: Peter Lang
ISBN: 3039104543
Pages: 307
Year: 2005-01-01
View: 1055
Read: 1182
Manzoni n'est pas aujourd'hui connu et apprecie, en France, comme il meriterait de l'etre. On connait, au moins de nom, son roman, peut-etre quelques poemes, mais on ignore, ou presque, tout le reste. Avec de nombreuses citations d'uvres jusque-la jamais traduites, ce livre, qui recueille des etudes composees pendant les quinze dernieres annees, presente au lecteur de langue francaise non seulement le roman ou les poemes, mais egalement sa reflexion esthetique et morale et ses ecrits historiques et philosophiques. Une occasion, peut-etre, pour decouvrir un intellectuel d'envergure europeenne particulierement lie a la France, cette France - ecrivait-il en francais - que l'on ne peut voir sans eprouver une affection qui ressemble a l'amour de la patrie, et que l'on ne peut quitter sans qu'au souvenir de l'avoir habitee il ne se mele quelque chose de melancolique et de profond qui tient des impressions de l'exil!.
Rich Dad's Cashflow Quadrant
Author: Robert T. Kiyosaki, Sharon L. Lechter
Publisher: Business Plus
ISBN: 0759521441
Pages: 272
Year: 2001-01-15
View: 543
Read: 1124
This work will reveal why some people work less, earn more, pay less in taxes, and feel more financially secure than others.