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Globalization and Culture
Author: Jan Nederveen Pieterse, Mellichamp Professor of Global Studies and Sociology
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
ISBN: 0742566617
Pages: 196
Year: 2009-03-16
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Now fully revised and updated, this seminal text asks if there is cultural life after the "clash of civilizations" and global McDonaldization. Jan Nederveen Pieterse argues that what is taking place is a global culture of hybridization. In a new chapter, the author explores East-West hybridities—the idea that globalization is a process of braiding rather than simply a diffusion from developed to developing countries. His historically deep and geographically wide approach to globalization is essential reading as we face the spread of conflicts bred by cultural misunderstanding.
Awakened Animals
Author: Jaden Sinclair
ISBN: 1680465775
Year: 2017-11-13
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Cousins. Close as brothers, both with a past they must deal with in order to embrace the future. Stray has been held as a sex slave for years. His one and only thought night after night in his cage has been Vesper, his mate. Now with her in his arms, finally he thinks all will be well-until his cousin gets a call that will change both of their lives. Mika thought he had found his mate, but he was wrong. After her death, he ran from it all, but he could only run for so long. Back in a place he had called home, he comes to terms with the fact that the one he thought he wanted wasn't meant to be. He also has to deal with one family member who clearly doesn't want him there. As one bonds with his mate, the other struggles with his past as well as what is right in front of him. Mika refuses to see that he made a mistake and the pull he thought he felt toward one is really meant for another. When Mother Nature takes it all out of his hands, Mika must come to terms with what has been unleashed.
Gleanings for the Curious from the Harvest-fields of Literature
Author: Charles Carroll Bombaugh
Pages: 864
Year: 1890
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Serenya's Song
Author: Mysti Parker
ISBN: 1612353797
Pages: 288
Year: 2013-04-22
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Serenya's Song, Mysti Parker -- In the fantasy world of Tallenmere, no one ever said love was easy...Serenya Crowe may be a half-elf commoner, but she's no ordinary woman. With the ability to interpret dreams, and a birth defect that forces her to wear gloves, she's endured small-town gossip and the cruelty of her husband, Sebastian. All she's ever wanted is to live a quiet life and raise a family. When she meets the new stranger in town, her world and her heart, are turned upside down. Wood-elf Jayden Ravenwing is an ex-secret agent who wants nothing more than to forget matters of the heart. He left the bustle of Leogard and his failed marriage to make a fresh start in Summerwind. He never planned to fall in love again, especially with the enchanting Serenya Crowe. Together, he and Serenya must overcome an ancient evil, and their own inner demons, to save Summerwind and find the love they've always dreamed of.
The Book of My Lady
Author: William Gilmore Simms
Pages: 323
Year: 1833
View: 1272
Read: 310

The Melange
Author: Egerton Smith
Pages: 634
Year: 1831
View: 574
Read: 922

Author: William Adee
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 1496978234
Pages: 264
Year: 2014-04-25
View: 348
Read: 952
A book of short stories by William Adee. The book is about subjects I thought of and wrote a story about them as best I could some are funny some serious or even with human factors in them, some from experience of places I’ve been or worked at in my life
Darian's Surrender
Author: Jaden Sinclair
ISBN: 1612354831
Pages: 142
Year: 2012-10-01
View: 629
Read: 969
Dominic Vanderburg has grown up knowing about the family feud between his family, and the Laswells, but never knew what it was about. At age fifteen, he went with his grandfather to the Draeger home with intentions of fixing the problem, but instead he discovered his mate. Darion Laswell is only nineteen when she is summoned to a Gathering. Her parents are reluctant to let her go, but unable to prevent it. She goes, but the last thing she ever suspected was to be marked, and claimed, by a man whose family is hated by her own. Dominic comes from a world she knows nothing about and fears she will never understand, but he does everything he can to help her fit in. With his determination, he is set to show his young mate that together they can mend the wrong between their families.
Witches and Warriors
Author: J H Wear
ISBN: 1680464124
Year: 2017-01-28
View: 1108
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It is time of turmoil as kingdoms battle for land and control. In the midst of fighting, two rival orders of witches try to spread their philosophy of peace. Alric, weary of being a warrior, tries to find a way to leave the army. The punishment for desertion is death, but only if he is caught. Ululla, a witch of the Whiterose order, has a journey of her own with two very different companions. As she travels it becomes apparent that there are forces besides kingdoms and witches at work to gain control of the world.
Author: Leonard Roy Robbins
Year: 1999
View: 470
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The Comic offering: or, Ladies' melange of literary mirth. Ed. by L.H. Sheridan
Author: Louisa Henrietta Sheridan
Year: 1831
View: 886
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Tales of the Forbidden: Book 1, Forbidden Temptation
Author: Jaden Sinclair
ISBN: 1612351794
Pages: 134
Year: 2011-04-09
View: 398
Read: 556
Tales of the Forbidden, Book 1: Forbidden Temptation -- By Jaden Sinclair-- Devon Noved isn't the kind of man to turn a blind eye to a beautiful woman or to turn away from a challenge. Growing up in Treece, he knows every girl and every family. That is, he thought he did. Kera Zoe was taken from school and placed in the Compound until she turns twenty-one. With the title of a runaway over her head, she's guarded closely until the celebration. She doesn't want a husband and fights within everything she has when Devon proclaims her as his wife. Now a temptation is before her, one that is very forbidden. Can Kera keep fighting what is growing between them, or will she give into her heart and love the man before her?
Globalization and Culture
Author: Jan Nederveen Pieterse, Mellichamp Professor of Global Studies and Sociology
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 1442222565
Pages: 236
Year: 2015-02-12
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Now fully revised and updated, this book argues that we are witnessing the formation of a global mélange culture through processes of cultural mixing. Jan Nederveen Pieterse’s historically deep and geographically wide approach to globalization is essential reading as we face the increasing spread of conflicts bred by cultural misunderstanding.
Author: Peter Kassan
ISBN: 1612356087
Pages: 210
Year: 2013-03
View: 427
Read: 929
What if you suddenly discovered you had a sense-and powers-that almost no one else in the world did? When Amanda Lindner Nichols, a 24-year-old graphic artist living with her husband in Queens, New York, is revived from a near-death experience, she discovers she perceives everyone around her as points of light-but not with her eyes. She soon learns she can not only perceive the life energy of others, but she can give and take it. With the help of others like her, she brings her husband Chris to the brink of death and back to bestow on him the same remarkable faculty, and they're the happiest they've been. But not for long. All over the world, people who've been revived from their own near-death experience at just the right moment discover themselves with these same unusual powers. They find ways to use them-some for good and some for evil. When Amanda and Chris encounter a ruthless group of gangsters with the same faculty, tragedy follows-and Amanda faces the greatest challenge of her life.
The Poetical Melange
Year: 1828
View: 159
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