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Psychogénéalogie et physique quantique
Author: Marc Henry, Annie Tranvouëz
Publisher: Dervy
Pages: 400
Year: 2016-10-05
View: 197
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Dans bien des pays, l'histoire transgénérationnelle s'est perpétuée par tradition orale. Tout comme les arbres qui perdent leurs feuilles, les mémoires meurent. Il faut veiller à ce que les descendants n'héritent pas d'un tronc nu, sans sève, qui disparaîtra à son tour. Aussi, le travail de décodage psychogénéalogique permet de sauvegarder notre patrimoine culturel, émotionnel, notre terreau originel. Dans cet ouvrage, Annie Tranvouëz vous livre sans réserve ses connaissances et ses ressentis, ainsi que son expérience acquise depuis des années. Elle donne également au lecteur la possibilité de faire un grand travail sur soi avec des outils performants et faciles à utiliser. Ce livre est destiné à toutes les personnes soucieuses de comprendre le sens de leur vie et d'augmenter leur conscience. Il allie les connaissances anciennes en psychogénéalogie avec la dernière des sciences : la physique quantique. Il a été écrit à quatre mains avec Marc Henry qui milite pour une approche quantique de la nature utilisant l'eau comme vecteur d'information. Des épousailles audacieuses qui vous feront comprendre le pourquoi de certaines répétitions dans votre vie.
The Ancestor Syndrome
Author: Anne Ancelin Schutzenberger
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 131772481X
Pages: 224
Year: 2014-02-25
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In The Ancestor Syndrome Anne Ancelin Schutzenberger explains and provides clinical examples of her unique psychogenealogical approach to psychotherapy. She shows how, as mere links in a chain of generations, we may have no choice in having the events and traumas experienced by our ancestors visited upon us in our own lifetime. The book includes fascinating case studies and examples of 'genosociograms' (family trees) to illustrate how her clients have conquered seemingly irrational fears, psychological and even physical difficulties by discovering and understanding the parallels between their own life and the lives of their forebears. The theory of 'invisible loyalty' owed to previous generations, which may make us unwittingly re-enact their life events, is discussed in the light of ongoing research into transgenerational therapy. Anne Ancelin Schutzenberger draws on over 20 years of experience as a therapist and analyst and is a well-respected authority, particularly in the field of Group Therapy and Psychodrama. First published as Aie, mes Aieux this fascinating insight into a unique style of clinical work has already sold over 32,000 copies in France and will appeal to anyone working in the psychotherapy profession.
The Rosicrucian Ephemeris
Author: Rosicrucian Fellowship
Publisher: Rosicrucian fellowship
ISBN: 0911274243
Pages: 1310
Year: 1992
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The Minds of Billy Milligan
Publisher: Weidenfeld & Nicolson
ISBN: 1409163903
Pages: 448
Year: 2018-07-12
View: 698
Read: 368
Billy Milligan was a man tormented by twenty-four distinct personalities battling for supremacy over his body - a battle that culminated when he awoke in jail, arrested for the kidnap and rape of three women. In a landmark trial, Billy was acquitted of his crimes by reason of insanity caused by multiple personality disorder - the first such court decision in history. Among the twenty-four are: Philip, a petty criminal; Kevin, who dealt drugs; April, whose only ambition was to kill Billy's stepfather; Adalana, the shy, affection-starved lesbian who 'used' Billy's body in the rapes that led to his arrest; David, the eight-year-old 'keeper of the pain'; and the Teacher, the sum of all Billy's alter egos fused into one. In The Minds of Billy Milligan, Daniel Keyes brings to light the most remarkable and harrowing case of multiple personality ever recorded. 'Fascinating' LA Times '[Keyes] has carried it off brilliantly, bringing not only a fine clarity but a special warmth and empathy' Washington Post
The Semantic Sphere 1
Author: Pierre Lévy
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118601513
Pages: 381
Year: 2013-01-22
View: 1145
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The new digital media offers us an unprecedented memory capacity, an ubiquitous communication channel and a growing computing power. How can we exploit this medium to augment our personal and social cognitive processes at the service of human development? Combining a deep knowledge of humanities and social sciences as well as a real familiarity with computer science issues, this book explains the collaborative construction of a global hypercortex coordinated by a computable metalanguage. By recognizing fully the symbolic and social nature of human cognition, we could transform our current opaque global brain into a reflexive collective intelligence.
Husband and Wife
Author: Zeruya Shalev
Publisher: Grove/Atlantic, Inc.
ISBN: 1555847854
Pages: 320
Year: 2007-12-01
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A rising star of international letters, Zeruya Shalev takes us on a compelling narrative journey in the exquisite and unsettling Husband and Wife. Na'ama and Udi Newman have many of the trappings of an idyllic shared existence. A couple since they were schoolchildren, they have grown together like vines and settled into a routine of calm domesticity, along with their young daughter, Noga. But in a scene worthy of Kafka, the quiet rhythms of their family life suddenly screech to a halt when Udi wakes up one morning to find that he is unable to move his legs. The doctors quickly set about searching for a physical explanation, but it soon becomes painfully clear that his paralysis is a symptom of something far less tangible, and far more insidious than any of them had imagined. This one morning sets in motion a series of events that reveals a vicious cycle of jealousy, paranoia, resentment, and accumulated injuries that now threaten to tear the small family apart. Shaleve brilliantly captures the vulnerability and deceptive comforts of lives intertwined in this deeply disturbing portrait of a diseased marriage.
The Emotional Life of Nations
Author: Lloyd DeMause
Publisher: Other PressLlc
ISBN: 1892746980
Pages: 454
Year: 2002
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The Book of Emma
Author: Marie-Celie Agnant
Publisher: Insomniac Press
ISBN: 1897414064
Pages: 207
Year: 2009-11-08
View: 665
Read: 1123
One of the biggest stumbling blocks we hit when setting out to make our dreams come true is appreciating what is going well. Most of us have an unfortunate tendency to dwell on the problems rather than on the good things in our lives ... and then we wonder why things just seem to keep getting worse instead of better. In The Power of Appreciation in Everyday Life, psychologist Noelle Nelson explains how you can achieve success in every area of your life through transforming your beliefs with appreciation.
Childhood and Adolescent Psychosis
Author: Dieter Bürgin, Heiner Meng
Publisher: Karger Medical and Scientific Publishers
ISBN: 3805577060
Pages: 146
Year: 2004-01-01
View: 221
Read: 569
The recognition and optimal management of early psychosis in adolescence is of great importance not only for its adequate diagnosis and treatment, but also for suicide prevention. In this volume, the latest understandings are reviewed by specialists in child and adolescent psychiatry. It discusses questions such as why schizophrenic psychosis has to be differentiated from borderline personality disorders; why the problem-solving strategy in early detection of neurocognitive disorders and neuropsychiatric behavioural disorders is also relevant for the development of a clinical view of the psychotic process. Further contributions point out the choice of specific individual psychotherapeutic techniques as well as why childhood psychosis needs a full inclusion of the family in the diagnostic and therapeutic process. This publication gives a stimulating overview of the diagnosis, treatment and outcome of psychotic disturbances in adolescence. Child and adolescent psychiatrists, psychologists, psychiatrists as well as paediatricians will find it inspiring reading.
Making Space for the River
Author: Jeroen Warner, Jeroen Frank Warner, Arwin van Buuren, Jurian Edelenbos
Publisher: IWA Publishing
ISBN: 1780401124
Pages: 201
Year: 2013
View: 916
Read: 254
Making Space for the River examines the recent developments in river management that aim to green rivers, including increasing river discharge for flood management, enhancing natural and landscape values, promoting local or regional economic development, urban regeneration.
Dark Green Religion
Author: Bron Raymond Taylor
Publisher: Univ of California Press
ISBN: 0520237757
Pages: 338
Year: 2010
View: 585
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"A love of green may be a human universal. Deepening the palette of green scholarship, Bron Taylor proves remarkably to be both an encyclopedist and a visionary."--Jonathan Benthall, author of Returning to Religion: Why a Secular Age is Haunted by Faith "This important book provides insight into how a profound sense of relation to nature offers many in the modern world a vehicle for attaining a spiritual wholeness akin to what has been historically associated with established religion. In this sense, Dark Green Religion offers both understanding and hope for a world struggling for meaning and purpose beyond the isolation of the material here and now."--Stephen Kellert, Yale University School of Forestry and Environmental Studies "In this thought-provoking volume, Bron Taylor explores the seemingly boundless efforts by human beings to understand the nature of life and our place in the universe. Examining in depth the ways in which influential philosophers and naturalists have viewed this relationship, Taylor contributes to the further development of thought in this critically important area, where our depth of understanding will play a critical role in our survival."--Peter H. Raven, President, Missouri Botanical Garden "Carefully researched, strongly argued, originally conceived, and very well executed, this book is a vital contribution on a subject of immense religious, political, and environmental importance. It's also a great read."--Roger S. Gottlieb, author of A Greener Faith: Religious Environmentalism and our Planet's Future "A fascinating analysis of our emotional and spiritual relationship to nature. Whether you call it dark green religion or something else, Bron Taylor takes us through our spiritual relationship with our planet, its ecosystems and evolution, in an enlightened and completely undogmatic manner."--Dr. Claude Martin, Former Director General, World Wildlife Fund "An excellent collection of guideposts for perplexed students and scholars about the relationships of nature religions, spirituality, animism, pantheism, deep ecology, Gaia, and land ethics--and for the environmentalist seeking to make the world a better place through green religion as a social force."--Fikret Berkes, author of Sacred Ecology: Traditional Ecological Knowledge and Resource Management "Dark Green Religion shows conclusively how nature has inspired a growing religious movement on the planet, contesting the long reign of many older faiths. Taylor expertly guides us through an astonishing array of thinkers, past and present, who have embraced, in part or whole, the new religion. I was thoroughly convinced that this movement has indeed become a major force on Earth, with great potential consequences for our environmental ethics."--Donald Worster, University of Kansas "In this exceptionally interesting and informative book, Bron Taylor has harvested the fruits of years of pioneering research in what amounts to a new field in religious studies: the study of how religious/spiritual themes show up in the work of people concerned about nature in many diverse ways. Taylor persuasively argues that appreciation of nature's sacred or spiritual dimension both informs and motivates the work of individuals ranging from radical environmentalists and surfers, to eco-tourism leaders and museum curators. I highly recommend this book for everyone interested learning more about the surprising extent to which religious/spiritual influences many of those who work to protect, to exhibit, or to represent the natural world."--Michael E. Zimmerman, Director, Center for Humanities and the Arts, University of Colorado at Boulder
Mind Hacking
Author: John Hargrave
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1501105663
Pages: 240
Year: 2017-09-12
View: 501
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Have you ever wished you could reprogram your brain, just as a hacker would a computer? In this 3-step guide to improving your mental habits, learn to take charge of your mind and banish negative thoughts, habits, and anxiety in just twenty-one days. A seasoned author, comedian, and entrepreneur, Sir John Hargrave once suffered from unhealthy addictions, anxiety, and poor mental health. After cracking the code to unlocking his mind's full and balanced potential, his entire life changed for the better. In Mind Hacking, Hargrave reveals the formula that allowed him to overcome negativity and eliminate mental problems at their core. Through a 21-day, 3-step training program, this book lays out a simple yet comprehensive approach to help you rewire your brain and achieve healthier thought patterns for a better quality of life.
The Metamorphoses of Kinship
Author: Maurice Godelier
Publisher: Verso Books
ISBN: 184467746X
Pages: 638
Year: 2011
View: 980
Read: 566
A declining marriage rate, rising divorce rate, families breaking up and reforming, homosexual marriage and adoption. Where are the transformations in the family today taking us? In order to understand what is happening and what awaits us, the world-renowned anthropologist Maurice Godelier has decided to open up the whole question of kinship, surveying the accumulated experiences of humanity as regards marriages and unions, the organization of lines of descent, sexuality and sexual prohibitions. In parallel, Godelier studies the history of the study of kinship, from the nineteenth century to the present, in order to develop his own hypotheses. He concludes that it is nowhere the case that a man and a woman are sufficient on their own to bring a child into existence, and nowhere are relations of kinship or the family the foundation stone of a society. Godelier argues that the changes of the last thirty years do not herald disappearance or death agony of kinship but rather its remarkable metamorphosis - one that, ironically, has brought us closer to the "traditional" societies studied by ethnologists.
The Five Levels of Attachment
Author: Don Miguel Ruiz, Jr
Publisher: Hay House, Inc
ISBN: 1781801606
Pages: 133
Year: 2013-02-04
View: 325
Read: 154
The Five Levels of Attachment picks up from where Don Miguel Ruiz, Jr's father's book, The Four Agreements, left off. Building on the principles found in his father's international bestseller (2.5 million copies sold in the US), Don Miguel explores the ways in which we attach ourselves inappropriately to beliefs and the world. This is ancient wisdom for finding your true self. Ruiz explores the five levels of attachment that cause suffering in our lives. The five levels are: • Authentic Self • Preference • Identification • Internalization • Fanatacism Accessible and practical, The Five Levels of Attachment invites us to look at our own lives and see how an unhealthy level of attachment can keep us trapped in a psychological and spiritual fog. He then teaches us to reclaim our true freedom by cultivating awareness, detaching, and discover our true selves.
The Analyzing Situation
Author: Jean-Luc Donnet
Publisher: Karnac Books
ISBN: 178049324X
Pages: 210
Year: 2009-12-31
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Read: 967
In this book Jean-Luc Donnet explores the particularities of the status of the method in psychoanalysis, linked to the specificity of unconscious psychic processes. If the method aims at ensuring a level of technical mastery, it must also make sure that analytic treatment does not become an 'application' of knowledge. A modern conception of the analytic situation implies going beyond the classical pair of 'setting-interpretation'. Starting out from the postulate of a transferential dynamic of the encounter, the author brings into play the pair 'analyzing site-situation'. The 'analyzing situation' emerges from the utilization, in a found-created mode (Winnicott), of an initial site constituted by a set of means put at the patients disposal. The analyzing situation includes patient and analyst in a self-organizing structure. The notion of a site makes it possible to approach the difference between psychoanalysis and analytic psychotherapy differently: each site has a 'logic', an intrinsic functional coherence, which have their own incidence on the therapeutic process. In the second part of the book, which ends with analysis of an essential screen-memory "A Child Is Being Talked About", the author also presents four other texts: a vertiginous study of Conrad's novel "Lord Jim", a new exploration of 'tender humour', a moving reading of Freud's "A Disturbance on the Acropolis", and a radical approach to "Civilization and its Discontents", which reflect the central place he gives to the agency of the Superego as a keystone of Freudian thought.