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Tib & Tatoum - Tome 03
Publisher: Glénat BD
ISBN: 2331035636
Pages: 48
Year: 2018-01-31
View: 430
Read: 914
Qui n'a jamais rêvé d'un dinosaure comme meilleur ami ? Tib est un petit garçon et Tatoum un dinosaure, mais ce sont les meilleurs amis du monde ! Une amitié qui ne fait pas l’unanimité... Alors que le clan refuse obstinément de voir une telle bête sauvage rôder dans les parages, Tatoum fait découvrir à Tib une caverne secrète dissimulée derrière une cascade : l’endroit idéal pour se retrouver incognito ! Pendant ce temps, la vie au clan est bien bousculée depuis que le tailleur de pierre s’en est pris une sur le coin de la tête. Pour remédier à la situation, ils décident de faire appel au meilleur artisan de la région, et quelle n’est pas leur surprise de découvrir qu’il s’agit en réalité... d’une jeune femme ! Découvrez le troisième tome des aventures du duo tendre et malicieux Tib & Tatoum au temps de l’âge des cavernes ! Une nouvelle série phare de Tchô! La collec’, dont une adaptation en dessin animé est actuellement en cours de production !
Shadow Rising
Author: Yasmine Galenorn
Publisher: Jove
ISBN: 0515151165
Pages: 324
Year: 2012
View: 1143
Read: 228
Menolly is distracted from planning her promise ceremony with her werepuma lover when she learns that Shadow Wing wants to reignite the Scorching Wars and that the Lord of Ghosts is trying to control Earthside's magical beings.
The Ones
Author: Daniel Sweren-Becker
Publisher: Imprint
ISBN: 125008315X
Pages: 320
Year: 2016-09-06
View: 1177
Read: 748
We are not all created equal. Seventeen-year-old Cody and her boyfriend, James, were two of the lucky ones randomly selected before birth to receive genetic engineering. Known as the Ones, this one percent of the population is healthy, beautiful, and talented...and to some that's not fair. Mounting fear and jealousy of the Ones’ success leads to the creation of the Equality Movement, which quickly gains enough political traction to demote Cody, James, and others like them to second-class citizens. Cody knows even before the brick smashes through her window that it's going to be bad. As their school, the American government, and even family and friends turn against them, Cody begins to believe they have no other choice but to protect their own. She draws closer to a group of radical Ones led by the passionate and fevered Kai, and James begins to question just how far she is willing to go for the cause... Themes of justice, discrimination and terrorism mix with actual science to create a frightening version of our near future in Daniel Sweren-Becker's pulse-pounding thriller. An Imprint Book
Simon's Cat
Author: Simon Tofield
Publisher: Grand Central Pub
ISBN: 0446560065
Pages: 240
Year: 2009-09-24
View: 312
Read: 456
In short, wordless cartoons, Simon's cat frustrates him by scratching up the furniture, pulling pranks on a neighbor's dog, hunting for food around the house, trying to catch birds outside, and pulling gags on Simon.
Le Royaume - Tome 2 - 2. The Two Princesses
Author: Feroumont
Publisher: Europe Comics
Pages: 52
Year: 2017-05-17T00:00:00+02:00
View: 409
Read: 352
No doubt about it, life in the Kingdom was good! The tiny territory had been at peace for years. Every day, folks gave thanks for their good fortune and praised their King who ruled over them with kindness... Until one day, when Princess Cecile discovers her father's dark secret, and the Kingdom's peaceful future is thrown into the balance. Their only hope is Anne, the cheery innkeeper; François, the lovelorn blacksmith; and one shell-shocked little bird. Will they manage to save the Kingdom from the nefarious characters lurking in the shadows?
Dungeon: Zenith - Vol. 1
Author: Joann Sfar
Publisher: NBM
ISBN: 1561634018
Pages: 96
Year: 2004
View: 541
Read: 925
Follows the adventures of Herbert the Timorous Duck and his vegetarian dragon friend Marvin as they attempt to defend Dungeon, a mighty castle filled with goblins, monsters, and trolls.
Lectiones Scrupulosae
Author: Maaike Zimmerman, Ruurd R. Nauta, Stelios Panayotakis
Publisher: Barkhuis
ISBN: 9077922164
Pages: 338
Year: 2006
View: 986
Read: 1331
This sixth AN Supplementum, Lectiones Scrupulosae ('Scrupulous Rea¡dings'), is a Festschrift in honour of Maaike Zimmerman offered to her by a group of Apuleian scholars on the occasion of her sixty-fifth birthday. It is a volume focused on the text of Apuleius' Metamorphoses that offers Maaike and all other lectores scrupulosi ('scrupulous readers') of Apuleius' novel a collection of studies that shed new light on certain aspects of text and interpretation. Moreover, since Maaike Zimmerman is currently working on a new critical edition of Apuleius' Metamorphoses for the Oxford Classical Texts series, an additional motivation for this volume was the presentation of a collection of original papers providing material on a number of passages for Maaike to ponder and take into consideration as she reviews the text.Everything proceeds from the text: a textual issue can open the door to a broader approach, including, for example, discussions of literary interpretation, linguistics, or style. Hence, one of the themes of the volume is to show connections between problems of textual criticism and larger interpretative issues (e.g. Bitel, Finkelpearl, McCreight, Keulen). Maaike herself is expert at this kind of 'explication du texte'. Within the broad spectrum between 'text' and 'interpretation', the contributions to this volume present different approaches and choices, varying from a traditional, purely 'textual' approach to one that is largely interpretative and seeks to explain the multi-layered texture of Apuleius' narrative in the light of certain metaphors, images, or expressions. Some articles offer new conjectures and readings of vexed passages (Harrison, Plaza), support unjustly neglected conjectures (McCreight, Schmeling and Montiglio), or propose to banish certain passages or phrases once and for all from the center of the text to a peripheral exile in the apparatus criticus, as a footnote in the history of the text's reception (Bitel, Hunink). Other contributions focus on the 'authorship' of the Metamorphoses (Tatum) or the vicissitudes of the Apuleian text in the hands of Medieval and Renaissance readers (Hunink, May). Through their contributions to Lectiones Scrupulosae, the authors of this AN Supplementum not only honour Maaike as a text-editor or commentator, but also pay tribute to her other scholarly output, such as her work on Cupid and Psyche (Hij¡mans), on Apuleius and Roman Satire or the Greek Ass Tale (e.g. Dowden, Graverini, Plaza, Panayotakis), on the reader's role in the Prologue and on Apuleian ecphrasis (Keulen, van Mal-Maeder), or on space symbolism in the Metamorphoses (James and O'Brien). But all contributors in this volume also send Maaike the same message of friendship and gratitude that can be summarized as follows: Lector, intende: laetaberis.
Antares - Episode 1
Author: Leo
Publisher: Cinebook
ISBN: 1849185611
Pages: 64
Year: 2013-06-10T00:00:00+02:00
View: 727
Read: 355
Humanity migrates to a new planet, the secrets of which Kim Keller will have to unravel. After the failure of the Betelgeuse colonisation mission, Kim is back on Earth, where she is an increasingly popular figure. Meanwhile, advance scouts on planet Antares have witnessed some distressingly strange events. Worried about the future of this new mission, the sponsors of the Antares project call upon Kim to accompany the first colonists, offering legal amnesty for Alexa and Mark in exchange. It’s the beginning of a new adventure for the young woman and her friends.
Author: Renaud Dillies, Regis Hautiere
Publisher: NBM Publishing
ISBN: 1561637017
Pages: 128
Year: 2012-11-01
View: 808
Read: 226
To lure pretty Epily, little chick Abelard sees only one solution: to catch the moon for her. So off he goes to America, the country that invented flying machines. Armed with his banjo and his proverb-sharing hat, he launches out on the country roads, where he meets Gaston, a grumpy bear with whom he shares his plan. As opposed to dreamer Abelard, Gaston has his feet firmly planted on the ground. This humorous comic, where the absurd becomes poetry, explores philosophical ideas through a simple, fanciful story.
Terra Australis
Author: Laurent-Frederic Bollée, Philippe Nicloux, Edward Gauvin
Publisher: SelfMadeHero
ISBN: 1906838755
Pages: 512
Year: 2014
View: 282
Read: 853
The definitive account of the birth of Australia
Author: Hiroya Oku
Publisher: Kodansha Comics
ISBN: 1682337197
Pages: 192
Year: 2017
View: 826
Read: 973
DESPERATE TIMES Until now, Inuyashiki and Shishigami have walked separate paths with their superhuman abilities. But unhinged, isolated, and seemingly with nothing more to lose, Shishigami has turned his deadly powers on the entirety of Japan. As more and more innocent lives are threatened, Inuyashiki realizes that he may have to take a larger role as the hero people are calling for. The moment has finally come for him to confront Shishigami, but how will this spotlight change the delicate balance of his own family—and can Shishigami’s terrifying spree even be stopped?
Superman - Action Comics Vol. 8: Truth
Author: Greg Pak, Aaron Kuder
Publisher: DC
ISBN: 1401270646
Pages: 192
Year: 2016-07-26
View: 356
Read: 364
SupermanÕs secret identity has been revealed and his powers are failing him, but not even that can stop the Man of Steel from protecting the innocent when a mysterious shadow monster appears in Metropolis. But the biggest threat Clark Kent faces when he returns home comes from the people he once called his friends and neighbors. While some still stand by him, others-including the Metropolis police department-are fearful and angryÉtoo angry. Is this just a reaction to SupermanÕs deception, or is there something more insidious infecting the people of Metropolis? Clark knows he needs to regain their trust, but in his weakened state, can he even survive long enough to try? Storytellers Greg Pak (BATMAN/SUPERMAN) and Aaron Kuder (GREEN LANTERN: NEW GUARDIANS) unleash an unstoppable force on an underpowered Superman, with help from artists Scott Kolins (JUSTICE LEAGUE 3001) and Georges Jeanty (BATMAN) and more! SUPERMAN-ACTION COMICS VOL. 8: TRUTH collects issues #41-47 and DC SNEAK PEEK: ACTION COMICS #1.
The Shadow of Your Smile
Author: Mary Higgins Clark
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1847377882
Pages: 336
Year: 2010-04-29
View: 446
Read: 627
At age eighty-three and in failing health, Olivia Morrow knows she has little time left. The last of her line, she faces a momentous choice: expose a long-held family secret, or take it with her to her grave. Olivia has in her possession letters from her deceased cousin Catherine, a nun, now being considered for beatification by the Catholic Church. These letters reveal that, at the age of seventeen, Catherine gave birth to a son and gave him up for adoption and they identify the father as Alex Gannon, a world-famous doctor, scientist and inventor of medical patents. Now, two generations later, thirty-one year old paediatrician, Dr. Monica Farrell, Catherine's granddaughter, stands as the rightful heir to what remains of the Gannon family fortune. But in telling Monica who she really is and getting what is lawfully hers, Olivia would have to betray Catherine's wishes and reveal the story behind Monica's ancestry. But as the pressure of Olivia's impending choice weighs down on her, little does she realize that Alex Gannon's grand-nephews - who are currently exploiting the Gannon inheritance to fund their profligate lifestyles - will stop at nothing to silence Olivia and prevent Monica from learning the secret, even murder.
Author: Jean G. Moebius, Moebius
ISBN: 1569711321
Pages: 80
Year: 1996
View: 1309
Read: 1293
Tegneserie. Surrealistisk fortælling med krigeren Arzach
Laser Ninja
Author: Julien Neel
Publisher: Usharp Comics
ISBN: 1905496141
Pages: 48
Year: 2011-10-01
View: 169
Read: 616