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Zen Golf
Author: Joseph Parent
Publisher: Doubleday
ISBN: 0385507151
Pages: 224
Year: 2002-06-18
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Read: 618
The perfect gift for any golfer looking to elevate their game. The best players know that golf is a game of confidence, and most important, concentration–the ability to focus and block out distraction. The goal of achieving clear thought is also at the heart of Buddhist teachings. In his highly original and groundbreaking book, noted PGA coach and Buddhist instructor, Dr. Joseph Parent, draws on this natural connection and teaches golfers how to clear their minds, achieve ultimate focus, and play in the moment for each shot. Zen Golf presents a simple system for building “mental game mastery.” Dr Parent’s unique PAR Approach (focusing on Preparation, Action, and Response to Results) guides golfers with specific techniques for each aspect of their games. In chapters such as “How to Get From the Practice Tee to the First Tee”, “You Produce What You Fear”, and “How to Enjoy a Bad Round of Golf”, the author shares a personal teaching regimen that has helped improve the games of professionals and amateurs alike. By combining classic insights and stories from Zen tradition, Zen Golf helps eliminate the mental distractions that routinely cause poor shots and loss of concentration, allowing golfers to feel in “the zone” that professionals have learned to master. Clear, concise, and enlightening, Zen Golf shows golfers how to prepare for, execute, and equally important, respond the results of any golf shot. A different approach to golf instruction, this book shapes ancient philosophies into new teachings.
Zen Golf
Author: Joseph Parent
Publisher: Harpersport
ISBN: 0007205309
Pages: 203
Year: 2005-05-01
View: 839
Read: 967
In one of the first books to apply age-old Buddhist techniques to the game of golf, a noted PGA Tour instructor and Buddhist teacher shows golfers how to clear their minds, achieve ultimate focus, and play in the moment for each shot.
Zen Golf
Author: Joseph Parent
Publisher: Doubleday
ISBN: 0385504462
Pages: 203
Year: 2002
View: 462
Read: 1237
Applying ancient Buddhist techniques and principles to the game of golf, a PGA tour instructor shows golfers how to master the mental game by clearing their minds, developing concentration by blocking out distractions, and focusing only on the task at hand.
Zen Putting
Author: Joseph Parent
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1101216751
Pages: 240
Year: 2007-04-05
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The bestselling author of Zen Golf (more than 100,000 copies sold) presents a new book of profound wisdom and proven techniques for achieving the confidence in putting that all golfers know is the key to peak performance on the greens. Blending Buddhist wisdom, modern psychology, and practical golf instruction, Dr. Joe Parent’s 2002 book Zen Golf broke out to become the top instructional book in golf, and continues to be a steady bestseller. Now, in the eagerly awaited follow-up, Dr. Parent provides readers with a new approach to the aspect of golf in which mental skills have the most impact: putting. Zen Putting takes a thinking-outside-the-box approach based on the idea that by tuning into the process of putting rather than worrying about the result, golfers can get out of their own way and maximize performance. Key principles include using mindful awareness to recognize and clear away distractions and negativity, and that confidence increases when golfers take the attitude that there is something fundamentally, essentially right with them rather than focusing on what’s broken or flawed. In succinct, informative chapters, Dr. Parent applies this Zen ideal to a variety of subjects for any putting situation. Chapters include: • “Unconquerable Confidence”: brimming with strategies to cultivate confidence and turn frustration into enjoyment. • “Get Out of Your Own Way”: exploring the obstacles we create for ourselves in putting, and how to recognize and overcome them to get the most out of our abilities. • “How to Make Every Putt”: on reading greens; visualization; putting routine; the key components of a putt—path, pace, and roll; and taking the ideal attitude before putting. Unlike rigid how-to books on putting or fad coaching techniques, Zen Putting stirs each reader to cultivate their own unique style for synchronizing body and mind to achieve peak performance.
Zen Golf Deck
Author: Joseph Parent
Publisher: Clarkson Potter
ISBN: 0307590569
Pages: 50
Year: 2010-05-04
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Zen and the Art of Disc Golf
Author: Patrick McCormick
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 1502779331
Pages: 114
Year: 2014-10-09
View: 622
Read: 1184
“The one book every disc golfer needs… If you only pick up one book on this list, make it this one… This is one of those books that will end up with highlighter and notes all over it as you read it again and again.” – Mind Body Disc Golf Reading List (MindBodyDisc.com) “It is a cool book to motivate and inspire you, speaking in terms that Disc Golfers can understand. Definitely check this book out.” – Bobby Brown AKA Cool Daddy Slick Breeze (The Disc Golf Answer Man Podcast) “Zen and the Art of Disc Golf is a perfect read anytime of the year to help your disc golf game…It's safe to say that you'll take something away from it and in the end, you'll take steps to being a better disc golfer with the knowledge you'll gain.” – Zach Parcell (All Things Disc Golf) Disc Golf is more than a game, Patrick D. McCormick carefully argues, it can be a window that shows us how we interact with the world. The way we play is the way we live. This book is about the sport of Disc Golf, but it also is about so much more than throwing a disc at a basket. For the passionate practitioner, Disc Golf becomes a meditation, and practicing not only has the potential to make us better players, but better people as we begin to focus on what we are doing on the course that is working or not working versus what we are doing at home or in the office. "Zen and the Art of Disc Golf" is about becoming the best players we can be and in turn becoming the best possible version of ourselves through cultivation of attitude, focus, determination, and mental strength. It is about mastering the mind, body, and spirit in such a way that we score better and live better. Inside this book you will learn: -What Disc Golf can teach us about life and success -The secret formula for success on and off the course. -How to create the proper attitude and focus to become better Disc Golfers and in turn live better lives. -How visualization improves our game and our lives. -Who you need to be playing with on the course. -How to hit more chains and less trees. -How to take yourself off autopilot and elevate your scores and your game. -The 3 sides of Disc Golf and how to balance them. Most importantly, after reading this book you will walk away ready to Ace holes and Ace life. Disc Golf is life. Life is good.
Golf for Enlightenment
Author: Deepak Chopra
Publisher: Harmony
ISBN: 140005088X
Pages: 208
Year: 2003-03-04
View: 527
Read: 1112
Deepak Chopra has discovered the delights—and frustrations—of golf, and he is passionate about the game. Confronted by the wild ups and downs of his own play, he consulted with golf professionals and developed a new approach to the game that any golfer can follow—from the novice to the expert. The results can be measured not only in increased enjoyment and skill, but also in greater wisdom about life beyond the 18th hole. Chopra’s own game has improved dramatically since incorporating the elements of his program. Instead of focusing on the mechanics of a “perfect” swing, Chopra reveals how golf can be mastered through mindfulness, a form of awareness that combines sharp focus and relaxation at the same time. Expanded awareness, he tells us, can accomplish much more than external mechanics to improve one’s game. But Golf for Enlightenment is also an engrossing story about Adam, an Everyman who is playing a terrible round of golf when he meets a mysterious young teaching pro named Leela. In seven short but profound lessons detailing spiritual strategies, she teaches Adam the essence of a game that has much to explain about life itself. Chopra has spent the last year taking the unique message in Golf for Enlightenment nationwide, teaching the essential tenets of his program at lectures and seminars to golfers everywhere. His message continues to help players turn an obsession into a positive life path. From the Hardcover edition.
The Inner Game of Golf
Author: W. Timothy Gallwey
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 1588367975
Pages: 272
Year: 2009-01-06
View: 492
Read: 864
W. Timothy Gallwey's bestselling Inner Game books--with over one million copies sold--have revolutionized the way we think about sports. And now, after twenty years of applying his Inner Game methods to the royal and ancient sport of golf, Gallwey brings us this completely revised edition of his classic The Inner Game of Golf, nearly half of which is new material, published here for the first time. Even the masters of the game, from the venerable Jack Nicklaus to the wunderkind Tiger Woods, must battle their mental demons to excel in the crucible of competition. How do they maintain concentration under pressure? How do they avoid the mental and physical tensions that can sabotage any shot, from the simplest putt to a demanding drive? And how do they contend with the nagging inner voice that says, "You haven't been playing your best today. How will you keep from messing up on this shot?" Here, Gallwey provides specific ways for you to improve the concentration and confidence that keep your insecurities from hijacking your best instincts, your score, and your enjoyment of the game. In addition to the specifics of Inner chipping, Inner swinging, and Inner putting, Gallwey explains why the art of "relaxed concentration" is the fundamental skill for improving every aspect of your game. It may seem like common sense nowadays to say that mental approaches are as crucial as physical skills in a good game of golf. But Gallwey was among the first to say it, and he is a pioneer of the modern sports psychology movement. In The Inner Game of Golf, now comprehensively updated, you will find the kind of perceptive and articulate instruction that not only will improve your swing, but, perhaps even more important, will reacquaint you with the pure pleasure of the game. From the Hardcover edition.
The Mindful Golfer
Author: Stephen Altschuler
Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing, Inc.
ISBN: 1632209985
Pages: 256
Year: 2015-06-23
View: 781
Read: 790
This reflective look at golf emphasizes the mental and spiritual elements of the game, “written in an engaging and anecdotal style” (Tom Bedell). Golf is a Zen sport. If you leave the present moment, you will likely feel the immediate karmic consequences like a hammer hitting your thumb. In The Mindful Golfer, Stephen Altschuler helps you nail it right—hard and true and into another level of skill, surrender, and self-awareness. Using the tools of Zen, Altschuler raise the game several notches on the ladder of consciousness. The book discusses the state of golf today, some of its more illustrious players, its glories, and its challenges. The author of five books, including The Mindful Hiker: On the Trail to Find the Path, Altschuler has been a student of Buddhism for four decades and a golfer for five. In this book, he covers some of his own struggles with golf, and some moments of achievement—if only fleeting. “Packed with plenty of examples from the author’s own travails and the trials and triumphs of touring pros. And for that, Altschuler earns the sound of two hands clapping.” —Tom Bedell, The A Position
Golf in the Kingdom
Author: Michael Murphy
Publisher: Open Road Media
ISBN: 1453218815
Pages: 223
Year: 2011-06-07
View: 673
Read: 727
A spiritual journey, a lush travelogue, a parable of sports and philosophy—John Updike called this unique novel “a golf classic if any exists in our day.” When an American traveler on his way to India stops to play a round on one of the most beautiful and legendary golf courses in Scotland, he doesn’t know that his game—and his life—are about to change forever. He is introduced to Shivas Irons, a mysterious golf pro whose sublime insights stick with him long after the eighteenth hole. From the first swing of the Scotsman’s club, he realizes he is in for a most extraordinary day. By turns comic, existential, and semiautobiographical, Michael Murphy’s tale traces the arc of twenty-four hours, from a round of golf on the Links of Burningbush to a night fueled by whiskey, wisdom, and wandering—even a sighting of Seamus MacDuff, the holy man who haunts the hole they call Lucifer’s Rug. “Murphy’s book is going to alter many visions,” The New York Times Book Review declared. More than an unforgettable approach to one of the world’s most popular sports, Golf in the Kingdom is a meditation on the power of a game to transform the self.
The Kingdom of Shivas Irons
Author: Michael Murphy
Publisher: Broadway Books
ISBN: 0307567826
Pages: 336
Year: 2011-03-09
View: 766
Read: 409
Michael Murphy's Golf in the Kingdom is one of the bestselling golf books of all time and has been hailed as "a golf classic if any exists in our day" (John Updike) and "a masterpiece on the mysticism of golf" (San Francisco Chronicle). Golf in the Kingdom introduced Shivas Irons, the mysterious golf pro and philosopher with whom Murphy played a mythic round of golf on Scotland's Burningbush links, a round that profoundly altered his game--and his vision. The Kingdom of Shivas Irons is the enchanting story of Murphy's return to Scotland in search of Shivas Irons and his wisdom about golf and human potential. Murphy's quest takes him from the mystical golf courses of Scotland, across the world to the first Russian Open Golf Championship, and finally to Pebble Beach on the California Coast. The result is a delightful exploration of the inner game of golf and a provocative inquiry into our remarkable possibilities for growth and transformation. From the Trade Paperback edition.
Author: Joseph Parent, Anthony Ravielli, Christopher Obetz
Publisher: Universe Pub
ISBN: 0789318652
Pages: 223
Year: 2009
View: 861
Read: 609
Presents one hundred tips on improving a golf score, from the essentials of the mental game and maintaining composure, to physical instruction on how to improve a swing.
Zen and the Art of Golf
Author: Michael Haynes
Publisher: Lulu.com
ISBN: 1411676092
Pages: 106
Year: 2008-09
View: 489
Read: 762
I am just one of the thousands of fathers who have been victimized by the system of organized crime in the Massachusetts family courts. This book exposes the motives, tactics, and hypocrisy that all fathers must endure. The book also details my specific case including the "spin off" corruption that resulted from my efforts to hold the liars and racketeers in and outside of this kangaroo court system accountable.
Extraordinary Golf
Author: Fred Shoemaker
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 039952276X
Pages: 203
Year: 1997
View: 1290
Read: 301
Integrating a range of practical exercises with a new mental approach, a golf professional shares the secrets of mastering the game, from essential skills to using focus and awareness to enhance power and consistency. Reprint.
Fearless Golf
Author: Dr. Gio Valiante
Publisher: Doubleday
ISBN: 0385515863
Pages: 288
Year: 2005-05-03
View: 554
Read: 732
A detailed plan for conquering the FEAR that sabotages swings and ruins psyches, from the pioneering psychologist whose techniques have benefited Davis Love III, Justin Leonard, and numerous other world-class golfers. As Jack Nicklaus once observed, fear is the golfer’s greatest enemy, inspiring Tiger Woods to "refuse" to give in to this debilitating emotion. It can turn professionals into jelly and dominate the games of most amateurs. It alters swing paths, causes “tap-in” putts to go awry, and transforms a golfer from a brilliant shot-maker on the practice range into an incompetent hack on the course. Most golfers understand this, but do not have the tools to overcome it. That’s where Dr. Gio Valiante comes in. A pioneering sports psychologist, Valiante has studied the sources of an athlete’s fear, investigated the physiological and neurological impact of fear on performance, and, most important of all, developed a groundbreaking program for conquering it. With Valiante's help and by applying Fearless Golf, Justin Leonard went from three consecutive missed cuts to three consecutive top tens, and Chad Campbell recently moved from 98th in the world to 7th. Davis Love III went from zero wins in 2002 to four wins in 2003, and Chris DiMarco made the 2004 Ryder Cup Team. Emphasizing the need to replace a fixation-on-results with a commitment to mastery of one’s body and one's mind, Valiante’s approach will not only help golfers reach their true potential, it will make playing every round fun again. Through concrete confidence and mastery drills, he presents specific ways readers can break free of fear’s grasp and perform at their best—even under the most extreme pressure. With detailed quotes and anecdotes given exclusively to Dr. Valiante from the best players in the game—including Jack Nicklaus, Ernie Els, and other tour professionals, Fearless Golf is the ultimate guide to the mental game, the hottest topic in golf today.